K sent me a little treasure box of useful presents and I was distracted in the excitement of these things and missed the Survivor camp burning down! They had made a barricade around the fire? With wooden chests?
Fabio and Jane and a few other tribe mates are chowing down on the volcano after winning a challenge. Naonka pulls Fabio aside to convince him to vote Brenda out. They are in a terrific-looking black lava desert.

There is a wonderful endurance challenge which ends up with Jane and Chase holding themselves up over a pool of water with a rope. Jane wants to quit but Jeff and the team cheer for her to stay on and, in the end, she wins! She shakes from the effort but triumphs against one of the strongest members of the team. Very exciting.

Following this television action there was a great wind near our house which I, in my new underwear and socks, could not possibly investigate! Did I mention that I have convinced K to not buzz all his hair off? Have I told you that his hair is soft and long and wavy and beautiful? I AM DISTRACTED.

Chase tells Brenda that everyone including Naonka is voting for her. She's looking particularly pretty tonight. (I, sort of, don't know the difference between Chase and Benry, fyi.)
Brenda believed that she and Naonka had a strong alliance. Now she's wondering if she can vote her out.
Alina and Marty are on the jury, looking fresh and shaved.
Brenda talks about trust and alliances and calls Naonka out.
Naonka blames Chase.
"Purple" Kelly is out of the loop and has no idea what's going on.
Brenda goes home, which is somewhat surprising.


Could you sort of take a stealth pic of K's hair from the backish-sidish?

My guy has been buzzing his so long I've forgotten what his hair looks like!
eurolush said…
You know, I don't even watch Survivor. So this is just me saying, 'Hello, lil' lady. And how are we today?'
Paola said…
K's a gem.

So, there is a Fabio on Survivor.