It was Marty vs. Jane last week, which didn't matter as Alina went home.
11 are left and it's night 22.
Naonka feels bad for Jane. She would have "hit Marty really really hard" if he was after her.
The team try to reassure Jane who feels threatened but strong.
(As an aside, at this juncture, I'd like to mention that chewing bubble gum loudly on the 8:12am train is practically disfiguring! A beautiful young woman resembled a cow this morning.)

I'd like to tell you what happened at 8:07pm but Mom was busy telling me about her favorite thrift shop and how they are having a 50% off sale tomorrow.

Marty is very busy lobbying for Jane to be voted out next. Does he, in fact, have a "noose around his neck?"
We have no time to speculate. It's time for a challenge. A reward challenge.
Two random teams will move through obstacles to collect keys which unlock a flag.
The winning team will have a zip-line tour of the canopy of the jungle and then a feast.
It's men vs. women and Chase must sit out as the teams are uneven. To stay in the competition he must choose a team to back - he picks the women.
It's a strenuous challenge but the teams move well through it.
The part where sticks must be broken through slows the women down a bit.
Dan slows the men down through the net crawl.
It's a very physical challenge.
The men have their final key first while Jane lags for the women.
The men crash through two brick walls before the women and work their locks while Jane cannot stand up.
The men struggle with the locks while the women struggle through the end of the course.
The men win!
Apparently the randomness of men vs. women was just that, random.
Jeff asks the men if one woman deserves to attend the reward in their place - no takers.
One of the men could have given up a spot at reward for one of the women and won some votes, but no one did.
And Chase sided with the women which Marty points out, could have been stupid.

The reward looks swell.
The women hold Chase in high esteem for believing in them - though Brenda thinks he was stupid.
Should Chase have backed the men.
But he thinks he needed to show the "girls" they could trust him.
Chase levels with Naonka. Brenda should be voted out next and then Marty.
Naonka tells him not to "work Brenda's nerves" and yet he seems to do just that.
Brenda doesn't appreciate his attention.
Naonka tells Brenda that she warned Chase not to IRK Brenda!
But he just done and IRKED BRENDA.

There's tree mail describing a memory test.
Jane is praying for triumph over evil. That would be Marty.

It's an Immunity Challenge wherein the players are shown a series of symbols which must be repeated.
Like this: ship, musket, anchor, ships wheel, musket, ship.
Players must show the first symbol, then the second, then the third, Jane and Naonka get the third symbol wrong.
Next, Dan drops out.
Musket or ship?
Three more fall.
Five players are left.
Brenda, Benry, Chase, Marty, Fabio.
Another round of symbols and Fabio fails.
Chase is out next.
Benry is out.
It's Marty vs. Brenda for Immunity.
Brenda is sure of the next symbol but Marty is not.
Brenda is right and wins.
That's it for him, say I.

Back at the camp, Marty makes all kinds of moves to save his skin.
Naonka feels confident. She will use the idol to save herself.
Chase thinks the team is saying they'll vote Naonka to blindside Jane.
Marty speaks to Brenda.
Will it be a blindside Jane situation?
Brenda agrees that Jane is a huge threat.
She says she and Sash are running the camp.
The plan? Tell everyone it's Naonka but vote Marty.
Sash says he'd keep Marty around for a while.

At Tribal, Alina is the first member of the Jury.
Jeff discusses the men vs. women challenge.
Jane's position is a topic of further conversation.
She feels threatened.
The whole Naonka stealing thing is brought up again.
She says it was stupid and doesn't want to talk about it anymore.
We miss a verbal altercation between Marty and Naonka saying hello to K who returned from a long day at work (no complaints!).
Naonka says eff you to everyone!
Jeff is speechless!
We think we should be amazed, but we are NOT.
They won't even vote Naonka out, I think. (She flashes her middle finger during Marty's vote.)
Anyone going to play the Idol? Anyone have it? WE DON'T KNOW.
The votes are split between Jane and Marty.
I am on the edge of my seat!
Marty gets voted out!


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How could there not be any comments? How can you not have shared what happened at 8:07 by now??