So, I was having lunch with my friend IS today, at the diner, when he said something about his friend Maira. I listened for a bit and then said: wait, what friend Maira?
Maira Kalman, he replied.
And then I died and went to heaven.

Powerful players? Naonka, Marty, Sash. Jill went home. Marty has no allies and the birds are eating dead fish on the beach.
It's day 19 and Marty is sad that Jill has gone. He needs to do the best he can.
Fabio brings tree mail. La Flor is told to pack their belongings and move to a new home.
Marty is delighted.

Espada is told that company is coming to their camp and they should wait for them. Benry reminds us that Alina is going home soon. She advocates that they stick together and vote Marty off first. Kaonka says that no one agrees with this plan.
La Flor arrive and Marty has a new lease on life.
Together the new tribe opens a chest and finds food and buffs and have to rename the tribe.
Marty names the tribe Libertad.
Brenda is very happy to see Naonka again. They make a plan.
Chase and Jane get along very well while fetching water.
Naonka makes tortillas and gets angry that she never gets enough food. She takes the flour away from camp and hides it to get back at them. Then she grabs some fruit while the rest of the team is away and hides cooking utensils.
Later, Alina has a chat with her - would her first vote be Marty? I don't know, I can't understand Naonka but I do get that she warns Alina that she's next. Alina gets very upset but Naonka gives her an orange and tries to calm her down.
The team starts to miss the items that Naonka has stolen.
________points out that Naonka took the flour and put it in her bag.
Fabio confronts her. Alina keeps quiet but confronts her privately and tells her she has to put everything back. She fesses up. She tries to sugar coat it but Marty isn't buying it. She apologizes and the team listens.
Team members decide to ignore Naonka, Mom tells me.
Jane catches a fish and makes a big deal but Marty is tired of her. He warns Brenda that she is dangerous to the team, but Brenda is wary.

Time for the challenge. Players must hold a steel bar with two metal brackets. One man and one woman will win the endurance challenge, for individual immunity.
Kelly and Dan are out immediately. Alina, Brenda, Benry, Sash and Naonka are out pretty quickly. Holly fails leaving Jane with immunity for the women - but she doesn't give up as she wants to beat the men. Marty is the next out leaving Fabio and Chase with Jane. Chase drops his bar, leaving Fabio to win for the men. I am impressed with Jane's strength.

Back at the camp the girls have a hug. She's awfully proud of herself.
(Am I the only person who wants to eat coconut whilst watching?)
Alina decides to lay low and be on Jane's side. Chase polls the crowd about the vote. Marty?
Someone has to speak to Sash. Chase tells Dan that either Marty or Alina has to go.
Sash asks that the team wait one more round as he promised to give him the idol. It's debated. Jane is not comfortable voting for Alina - she thinks Marty should go.
Dan warns Marty that Chase may blindside him. Sash reassures him that Alina is going. (I'm shocked that I'm keeping track of this!)
Marty makes a case to stay because he's no threat and annoys his teammates.
Alina talks to Fabio...what about a Naonka vote? He tells her how threatening she is. Fabio likes Marty, will he vote for Alina?

At Tribal there's talk of Big Moves and Marty "clears the air" regarding Jane. He does a whole monologue about what a threat she is and how she deserves the money and what kind of threat she is. Alina points out that this speech makes HIM the biggest threat. Dan tells about how Naonka stole food and she says she was punished. How culpable is Alina? A little, but she's "a pawn" and so feels she is valuable.
Time to vote.
Alina goes.
The tribe has spoken.


Crazy Mom! said…
Maira Kalman. I would die and go to heaven with you. I LOVE The Pursuit of Happiness.
alice c said…
About the Maira it reallife or is it part of the fantasy-land Survivor post?

Maira say what?

You can"t just slip that in and run away!
Paola said…
Didn't you meet her last Christmas? Or did I dream about it ...
Eleanor said…
When you do meet her, please tell her that you are a world-famous blogger and that you have a duty to your readers to show PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF of your meeting with her.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Such a good recap. But I think this season is quite lame. As much as I think Naonka is a Crazy Person, she's really the only entertaining one that's there. But I do like Jane. I think I will root for her.