Sunday evening

I've broken a tooth.
My recurring nightmare is breaking/losing teeth and, so, having this occur on a quiet Sunday afternoon, over some hummus and pretzel "thins" is distressing to me.
I can only imagine the cost of repairing/capping this tooth and whined to K that I could have, for example, seven hundred-dollar shoes, to which he replied that I will, in my mouth.
Oldest bought me some dental wax so I can't feel the sharp edge.
I've pulled a muscle too, in my shoulder. I was twisting in bed. To SEE THE CLOCK.
I had a strange digestive issue as well. My insides grumbled all day yesterday. Nothing came of it but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

Youngest is hard at work on his Christmas list.
Middle is busy with Angry Birds.
Oldest is nearly done with his Christmas shopping! (Don't you hate people like that?)

The yard is completely covered with golden leaves, the air is cool and crisp and there is rain forecast for Thursday.

For now, I'm sitting next to K as he pitches birds up into the air.


Crazy Mom! said…
Sorry about the tooth. If this is your first crown, you are very lucky. My family has bad teeth despite good dental care, and I have a very expensive mouth.
Jen on the Edge said…
So sorry to hear about the tooth and the shoulder.

I love that Oldest is done with his Christmas shopping. :-)
Oh NO! My little black cloud of doom has found it's way to your house.

I hope there will be rain ponchos Thursday.
KPB said…
Part of one of my molars chipped off a few weeks back. Second time it's happened. NIGHTMARE. The last one was at the very back and in the end I had them pull it out. I am loathe to do anything with this one at the moment because the choice between the $$$ it will cost vs started to look like Cletus is neither attractive or fun.

I have now discovered Angry Birds and it will be a miracle if the family gets dinner tonight as a consequence.

Someone else I follow posted pictures of snow today. That and your comment have only served to confirm I totally live in the wrong climate/country/hemisphere.

Grumbly tummy - they bring with them so much anticipation.
Paola said…
$700 for a chipped tooth???
Wow. It would be cheaper for you to fly here and get it fixed @ my amazing dentist!
The Coffee Lady said…
In the UK dental care is free if you're pregnant and for a year after the birth.

Stupid, stupid, stupid front crowns broke and I had them fixed BEFORE taking the damn pregnancy test. This loss of a couple of hundred quid still smarts, ten years on.
unmitigated me said…
If it's not too serious a missing piece, the dentist may do bonding, which is the same cost as a filling, and covered by insurance (if you have it).
Anonymous said…
Ugh, a small thing like a tooth can be SUCH a big pain. And of course the worry...
Those early Christmas people annoy the hell out of me.
Anonymous said…
It's the dentists who have the $$$ shoes. Or the equivalent. My dentist is in Egypt right now. For 3 weeks. Meh.