the other Pride and Prejudice

At 1:56:51pm K emailed and asked if I'd like to see a movie.
He had popcorn popping!
I went downstairs and we ended up finishing at 8:23pm, having begged off the promised dinner of udon and serving tortellini with pesto, taking, perhaps, 20 minutes to eat with the boys before returning to the couch.
I am here to report that the Keira Knightly version remains my favorite.
Colin Firth never did it for me anyway.


Crazy Mom! said…
Oh, I beg to differ. I love the Colin Firth version - so funny too! Mr. Collins is hilarious.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it...
Paola said…
I absolutely LOVE that you email eachother in the house.
Hilary said…
I love that I am not the only one who emails my husband from the house. Sometimes we email each other from across the same dining room table!
Anonymous said…
Oh No! If ever I have six completely free hours(!) I would definitely pick the Colin Firth version. A standerd length film just can't squash in enough of the story.
silverpebble said…
The interiors were beautiful in the Keira version but I remain faithful to Jennifer and Colin - after all they were actually courting eachother - the sexual chemistry was real.
Love days like this.
Anonymous said…
What a guy!
I do prefer the same version, despite my long-standing love for Colin.
Anonymous said…
People go GA-GA for Colin Firth. I'm glad I'm not alone in my slight aversion. I am looking forward to watching The King's Speech, though. Maybe he's better when he's not trying to be sexy.

Melanie said…
If Keira didn't act with that chin of hers, I might like her version a wee bit more.
kt said…

NOT a Keira fan here.

Donald Sutherland being British; DO like.

Colin Firth is lush, and I will grudgingly admit that whoever is Mr. Darcy in the Keira version is hawt as well.

But Mr. Collins in the Firth-version is just sooooooo superbly supercilious, methinks he tips the scales in favor of A&E's offering.

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