observing Oldest

  1. He loves the bottom of the Marino's Italian ices, where the ice is like glass and the syrup has concentrated.
  2. He likes The Slits cover of Heard It Through The Grapevine.
  3. He has made countless attempts to get me to watch a video of a raccoon dancing.
  4. He has generously offered to tattoo I hate animals someplace on my person. 
  5. (He is a licensed tattoo artist.)
  6. He needs a new hat.


KPB said…

It's official. Your family's talents know no bounds
RW said…
a lovely little summary.
I just know that Oldest and my son were brothers in another life!

Last night on the phone we discussed tattoos and his favorite hat.
Anonymous said…
He sounds pretty wonderful.
Hilary said…
the bottom of the ices ARE the best part :)
Paola said…
Dear Lord.

I am with Kim.
Anonymous said…
That's nice. I like to hear about your three great boys, and Oldest is sort of a mystery to me. Not that I want to violate his privacy.

Scot said…
Ya know, I really like your boys and Oldest always has a pretty cool edge about him, BUT THE SLITS! REALLY? Even Gladys Knight's version was better than The Slits!!!!! That version HAS NO SOUL!
For shame Oldest...!
You really gotta play Marvin Gaye's version for him, or even CCR's, at the very least Amy Winehouse's version! :
Scot said…
Here, tie him to a chair and make him listen to at least 3 of these, NOT THE SLITS - they're so slitty!

Badger said…
A tattoo artist! How did I not know that? Far OUT.
Anonymous said…
That Oldest, always with the surprises.

alice c said…
I'm up for some raccoon dancing. Let me take it for the team.