notes from the commute

I mentioned him last year, Cole-Haan.
He still looks snappy and smart, he has a black Kindle this year, and I've seen a bit more of him.
Middle and K have not commuted with me lately due to schedule changes.
Somewhere along the line I changed train cars as well (I was riding in the fifth car with the boys) and I moved back to the third car. The car with the Couple and Cole-Haan.
One day last week, I was reading my paper, before the train left the station, and who should sit next to me? Mr. Haan. He was wearing a very nice grey vee neck sweater with just the right amount of shirt cuff showing, I noticed. That's a tough thing, getting the cuffs right with a sweater. He had the presence of mind to not be wearing french cuffs and I was pleased to see he had gotten that right too. But, understand, I did not look directly at him - no, that would have been too obvious. Fortunately, I was wearing sunglasses as it was very bright out and I was trying to read.
Cole-Haan read his black Kindle and checked his iPhone only once. The inside of his case was very tidy.
I put away my paper as we neared the station and got my iPod.
He left the car before me and I wondered if he might remember that we work on the same street and if he had ever noticed me. I pondered whether he might walk to work...and then I forgot about him as I went upstairs and started walking downtown.
I decided, that morning, to make a turn and walk through the flower district. I wanted to see the fall things and enjoyed seeing all the branches and moss.
I had great music in my ears, the sun was shining, my shoes were comfortable. It was the perfect commute.
I turned the corner on my block and, as I had walked east earlier, was at the east end of my street when I spied him. He was walking directly toward me. Would he realize he had just sat next to me on the train? Did he pay any attention to me at all?
His expression changed just before we passed each other. A sudden realization flashed across his face. And I let myself smile for a fraction of a second.
Of course, after I ducked into my building, I giggled out loud.
Contact with Mr. Haan after two years of riding in the same car.
I was feeling smug.
Then, today, Mr. Haan one upped me.
He sat next to me again, but this time he smiled and said: May I?

Well played, Cole-Haan, well played.


Paola said…
I need to contact some big shot because we can make movies out of your "notes from the commute".
The people, the detail, the light, the train, emotions, feelings, the city ... !
Amy A. said…
Yes, Paolo! Do that. :)
NorahS said…
Brilliant, once again.
Anonymous said…
Somehow, I missed the first post about the commute, but clicked through and loved reading it.

I'm glad he recognized you. I wonder if he is as observant as you, and how he would describe you to us.

The Coffee Lady said…
What the hell is he reading on his Kindle? I have to know. I don't give a toss about the cuffs.
KPB said…
What Coffee Lady said.

And dude, you know I've moved? I'm all grown up?

Come and play. It's lonely without your comments.
fuck it, I just mispeled my own name said…
Maybe its just me but I'm still stuck on "...beautiful brown dress shoes..." Huh? Please define your terms. Preferably with pictures.
Anonymous said…
I had no idea there were rules about cuffs. I knew he'd be charming when you met.
Anonymous said…
Well now, I'm completely head-over-heels.