lord almighty

We usually say lord A mighty but typing it out I realized it doesn't make much sense.
What's going on? I hear you asking. Well, not really hear. That would be creepy, wouldn't it?
I worked my butt off this week. What's left of my butt, anyway.
Are your bodies changing a lot out there?
You! Is your body changing?
Because I lost all kinds of weight when I first started working and then I gained some back but now I have no butt. Or it's flat. Hard to say.
Anyone still there?
Lord a mighty.
Anyway, so, worked my butt off whilst continuously clicking on the weather.com thing to see if it IS or ISN'T going to rain on Thanksgiving.
Cold I can plan for - that's all about layering (HEAVY COATS WILL NOT FIT UNDER YOUR COSTUME. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.) But rain? Do I wear Wellies? I certainly cannot carry an umbrella.
I sent a large shipment to a charity event (I can't say more but it involved looking up lots of info on the intrawebs) and I organized an offsite event at a private club - which I also took a tour of.
But today is Friday, although one of the trains on my line hit an "unauthorized person on the tracks" leaving me without a train.
K drove Middle and me to a nearby town and we took two trains to work which was somewhat exciting. It's a very different thing, having to catch a specific train rather than what we do which is arriving at the station at a somewhat leisurely pace and settling in at the start of a line.
Whilst on the trains Middle and I discussed my technology options. You see, my headphones for my iPod are broken, again, and my wee shuffle has gotten wonky. At the same time, my clam shell, free telephone from 2002 is somewhat worse for wear.
Dear readers, do I GO for the iPhone?
Rather, does Santa bring me an iPhone?
I do, on some level, need to remain somewhat technologically PRESENT as I do need to, at least, appear to be on top of things.
You can ponder that.

Big news! Oldest has sold the car of his dreams.
EXPLANATION: When Oldest turned 21, I think, K and I and he chipped in on a car he reallyreally wanted - a Toyota Supra. It was the car he'd always loved and he and K drove a great distance to get it. It needed a ton of work and frequently broke down but he adored it. It ended up, after we put all kinds of money into it, in our driveway. Oldest has a little heap he drives as it is far more economical.
It sat, this car, for years. There were extra parts in the garage and Oldest planned on fixing it.
Without exaggerating, I would say that people rang our doorbell three or four times a month to ask about that car. Every neighborhood landscaper/ delivery guy/guy just passing in his car would ask about that car. It was the car of many men's dreams.
Yesterday a fellow appeared with a battery (the car barely runs) and money and he bought it.
And I know Oldest has a lump in his throat seeing that car leave. The dream car.
Every guy has a dream car. K had a Mustang that I made him sell (you could see the ground through the floor!). Hell, I HAD A DREAM CAR (an MG Midget).
It's the car you'd love to keep but realize it's impossible and the right person comes along and you need the money and....you grow up, just a little, and the dream goes to someone else's driveway.

Now I've made myself misty.
It's Friday and I'm going for a burger (and maybe a beer now!) with my dear friend J!


Paola said…
Growing up is horrible.

WF ... hafta ! I am not joking.
Anonymous said…
I had a friend who owned his dream car for two weeks. In that time he realised it wasn't his dream car after all! At least Oldest will have good memories of his dream car.
Hilary said…
Why can’t the unauthorized people pick more convenient times rather than rush hour on Fridays? I work from home on Fridays, but I spent the early morning checking the various websites and then emailing, texting and calling the people in my office who take the train in the reverse direction to help them coordinate their commute. As for the butt, I will give you some of mine. I haven't gained any weight, but somehow, in the past year, my butt grew (I exercised the wrong way. I thought I was doing abs but instead did hip flexors)
Anonymous said…
after all of that, you deserve a beer.
Anonymous said…
LOL at Hilary's whoops on the exercising.

Does anyone dream of an orange '78 VW camper van? There's one in my Ps-in-law driveway that belongs to my husband. It doesn't run, but could. I don't know if I could "make" him sell it, because he is sentimental about it, but shoot! It might be someone's dream, and for now it's sort of our pain in the arse.

Amy A. said…
You need cuddle duds under your costume (Target)

And I vote for the iphone!
Jen on the Edge said…
My father's dream car is the 1929 Ford Model A. He wanted one for 40 or 45 years and finally bought one about five years ago. Then he bought a second one. Due to his worsening illness, he sold them both last year, thinking it would be easier for the family if we didn't have to deal with them after he's gone. However, he's still with us, so he went out this fall and bought a third 1929 Ford Model A to fix up and drive around town.
tut-tut said…
Happy burger and beer; I had a wonderful wine and riverine afternoon with D.
KPB said…
Are you high? Seriously I haven't heard you this lucid for months. Years maybe.

Dude, I just got an iPhone too - go the iPhone.

My dream car was also an MG but I never actually owned one.

Such is life.
Anonymous said…
I had a beautiful red Supra for a few years. I LOVED driving that thing.

Oldest, I feel ya.

MM has the same thing - a beaten up puke green Chevy Nova that takes up the entire garage. Bought from the original old Italian owner as his first car. Now he drives some sporty thingie where he lives and we inherited the car, which is home to many critters, I'm told. Someday. Out!
kt said…
My left iPod earPod will not remain in my auricular cavity no matter
what bizarrely uncomfortable contortion i attempt when inserting it.


Dream car. I once sold a truly lovely old VW '60s-era bus--one of
those delightful ones with numerous porthole-like windows encircling
the soft-top. I was young and stupid.