it's Tuesday evening, I'm resorting to random

I've noted an awful lot of owl humor lately.
Backlash, no doubt.
Owls, I fear, are the antlers of 2010.

In the fashion world, I do believe that sequins on daywear are the, um, hoopskirts of, er, 2011. Yeah, that's it. Some day we'll look back on them and giggle.

I love my NPR.

I receive emails from Etsy a couple of times a day and am usually interesting in one thing or another.
This caught my eye today. I think it would be interesting to wear only handmade clothes. Maybe.

The application deadline is fast approaching. If you can understand anything on this website perhaps you ought to consider it.

Filed under I'd write open letters but I don't have the time:
I am a little tired of people in public situations taking advantage of me because of my size. You needn't wedge yourself between me and the extra large person sitting near me on the train and then CRUSH ME if there are other seats available.

Don't send me/tell me creepy stuff at the office (or anywhere, truthfully). Do you hear me? I do not wish to hear about the Bulgarian psychic who says we will all die in a chemical war in three years.

Do I sound a little rant-y? That's because I must wait at my desk for some misaddressed documents to arrive.
(I started this post three days ago and kept changing the title.)


Crazy Mom! said…
I wore a hoop skirt under my wedding gown. But that was back in 1986.

I had a neighbor that loved owls. She had owl everywhere - including a live barn owl that perched on her mantle. It looked fake - until it moved. It was 6 inches high.
Paola said…
Damn the ocean between us, I would SO kick this crusher's ass for doing that.
How dare they?! Also, it's such a sadclichè that petites are to be weaker. Who the hell said that? I know some fierce petites who can give even men a run for their money.

Love that Etsy's clothing.

Owls. Why?

Who needs creepy these days. I only want to hear/read/sea gorgeous things.
Anonymous said…
Crushing seat mates and owls--oy.
I'm more in love with Ira Glass than Terry Gross.
KPB said…
If you were a crafter you would have been across the owl phenomenon a YEAR ago. seriously, it's all about the fucking owl.

I know one Australian (I think) designer who is tired of the cute owl and is all about bringing back the donkey.
Anonymous said…
I love sequins but on daywear they must be used sparingly. Also have you noticed that some people call them "sequence" even when they mean to use it in singular form? When I worked at Ann Taylor it never failed to set my teeth on edge.