in pictures

Inspired by this

I bought a large hole punch thingy and did this...



The light is lovely in our dining room this time of year.

DR use


I'm sure I should have something poetic to say about it, the light. But I don't.

floor during

K's been working on the floor. It looks superb.

table in LR

Family meals were taken in the living room, which I liked. I like little changes like that.



It's very leafy around here.

On their way to seeing me, in the parade, Middle and K found themselves amidst 1600 cheerleaders.
1600 cheerleaders

I'm not kidding. 1600.


Best Dinner:

BEST dinner

my plate, post parade.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.
I did.


Anonymous said…
I am guessing that Middle did not mind at all to be surrounded by 1600 females of roughly his own age, am I right?
Paola said…
Oh ... this morning between you and Alice ... I might end up shedding a tear.
Such lovely and poetic pictures don't need words.
The light, the leaves, that dish (Alice I know it's not exactly your style but almost no?).

1600 cheerios is quite the number
Anonymous said…
That is so pretty--and that is a lot of cheerleaders. Wow.
I'm doing a lot of paper in my decorating this year, too.
Amy A. said…
You were crafty! :)
BB: you crafted!
You don't need to be poetic about your lovely dining room light when you can show us the photos.
Caterina said…
Wow on the light. Very nice.

"K's been working on the floor. It looks superb." YES! Yes, it does.

And my kids LOVED watching those cheerleaders.
Wendy said…
Crafty bird. Love those garlands.