I went to a party last night in a glittering white palace.
Gardenia scented candles burned in tall glass cylinders and celebrities and fashion industry moguls wandered with tall goblets of white wine.
Earlier in the day, my pal KT and I had dashed downtown in the rain to the venue for our Holiday Party.
We had barely sat down when our hostess brought an over-sized bottle of rose Prosecco.
We tasted all sorts of wonderful things...pickled cauliflower and lentils and peppers and incredible cheeses (the rind of one was soaked in the Prosecco!) and arranged for our fete.
Lunch was topped off with three kinds of gelato, my favorite was the olive oil sprinkled with sea salt.
I barely made it back to the office and wanted to take a nap for the rest of the day.
Today I helped prep my boss for a television appearance.
In the afternoon I arranged for dozens of balloons to be delivered.
On Tuesday the entire staff will be photographed wearing purple!
Tomorrow I will attend a rehearsal for the Fall Event.
I'll bring my camera and shoot you some photos.
And you?
What will you be doing this weekend?

*I will not attend a glitteratti party again without wearing heels. I am terribly short.


Miz S said…
Revel in your shortness, that's what I say.

This weekend I hope to catch up on some household chores and maybe go out for a walk in the nice fresh autumn air. That sounds so lame and boring, I know. Nonetheless, I look forward to it.
Eliane said…
I will go see the new Woody Allen movie tomorrow night with some girl friends, and after that we'll go to a club with a DJ. On Sunday a friend turns 49 and throws a party. In between everything I have to do some sketching, go grocery shopping, cook and feed my family, and clean the house.
RW said…
that is alot of happening.
we had scarf day at work on wednesday.
kt said…
Let's see... my redhead works tomorrow. Planning a trip to the library with the girlie interspersed with cleaning out our collective closets and culling unworn clothing, baking chocolate zucchini bread, and playing Beatles Rockband.

There will be no alarm clock setting. Sadly, there will be laundry to fold, but we'll find a good movie to occupy us optically.
barbra said…
Nothing so glamorous for me! Kids' soccer games and working on "comments" for all of my 50 students. We write a 1-2 paragraph note to all of our students' parents at this time of year; it's about how they are doing in our classes, their successes, their areas to work on... it's a really wonderful thing, but SOOOO time consuming.
Badger said…
I want that gelato.

Let's see... today I am trying to finish the hat that I'm crocheting to wear to the 5K that I am running tomorrow. And tomorrow I am running a 5K (the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure). Obviously.

And then: laundry.
Anonymous said…
Nothing THAT glamorous. Washing windows and screens, going to church, helping B finish his thank you notes , ironing.
Paola said…
Well, I am going to sit and daydream about your glamorous parties in my most beloved city in the whole wide world.
That is exactly what I WANT to do.
Then probaly cry ... ?
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are having a good run of it. So far this weekend, my kiddo and little one and I bought some birthday presents for a wonderful friend and for a kindergarten classmate, ate a freshly baked pretzel, and scooted through the aisles of Trader Joe's in what felt like record time. Now little one is having a nap, and next we are off to scoop up my sister so that we can take her to the airport--she's off on a plane to Mazatlan. I shall live vicariously through you both this coming week, I think.