Have you checked the archives?

Really, I'm awfully good in the archives. I think I am, anyway.
What am I up to?
Big stuff! Big Stuff, people. Exciting events at work (which I cannot write about), medical travails with Youngest (he's fine) (which I cannot write about), and sore muscles from balloon practice!
I've been working late and going in early (it's all good as long as I have my iPod when I'm walking) and have barely had time to come home and throw in a load of laundry.
K and I are going to watch Babies tonight and I promise to do a review.
Also, the boys informed me (and they are correct) that my hair guy botched my hair a bit this time. I've lost my Wintour edge a little and I need to wait it out a couple of weeks more and have him re-cut it.
In the meantime, the balloon team has bonded beautifully. What do we talk about? How to avoid needing to pee during the parade. No joke. We need to make ourselves available for the parade from 5am Thanksgiving morning until 12:30 that afternoon. There will be no opportunity to leave the parade and use the loo. One doesn't think of these things until one must. Just saying.
Presently, I'm watching Globe Trekker and that cute guy with the accent is in Tibet and I feel obligated to point out that:
1. Tibetans wear the coolest things. The best accessories. I think I could be Tibetan.
2. I have no interest in mountain climbing but I could definitely maintain a wonderful base-camp.

Really. Check the archives.


Melene said…
I am very excited for you about the parade! I was able to sit in the bleachers for the parade back in 2005 and we had to be there very early. It was soooo cold and we drank hot chocolate, but the excitement took over the urge to pee-hopefully the same will happen for you!

I'll be curious to read your review about Babies. I just watched it a few days ago.
RW said…
I can vouch for your archives.
You are good.
Scot said…
Scot stole my comment.

Also,no liquids after 6pm.
Paola said…
L.O.L. @ Scot!
Your archives are the reason we met.
I heart them all.

Anonymous said…
Seven pee-free hours? Good luck with that!
I bet your Tibetan base camp would be pretty fine.
Anonymous said…
Are you marching in the Thanksgiving parade? I am so impressed.
Anonymous said…
Your blog's archives ARE good. But then that makes you good all the time...because even the new posts become archives eventually.

I think that not being able to pee (there I said it) for that long is quite unreasonable. And I'd need a coffee if I had to get up that early...and well, you see the problem. So good luck with that. And of course I'll be tuning in to parade coverage on TG Day.

alice c said…
I have already read your archives - all 5 years of them - you knew that, right?
You know, I am much more witty in my archives than currently. Blogger burnout?

Also: Babies: no dialogue. At. All. Just saying.....
Anonymous said…
Whenever I have occasion to read my archives I am alternately:
* Pleased at how well I sometimes write.
* Appalled at how twee I can be.
* Surprised that I have no memory of writing something that in on the blog.