Blackbird's Two Minute Movie Reviews

Babies is a wonderful, small, quiet film about the first year in the lives of four babies...

from Babies

Ponijao, who lives in Namibia,

from Babies
Mari, who lives in Japan,

from Babies
Bayar who lives in Mongolia! And,

from Babies
Hattie, who lives in the US.
I say it's a small quiet film as it has no voice-over, no dialogue and just a little music with ambient sound. It is, blissfully, not narrated.
I loved it.
It's a tiny snapshot of each of these sweet babies and is such a lovely portrait of different lives...
from Babies

each baby captured my heart...
from Babies
and there was little saccharine sentiment to bog the pictures down.

from Babies

I'm trying to make Middle watch it! Or maybe Youngest...Oldest might, even!

from Babies

Look! Bayar can walk! It's a moment of triumph.

from Babies

And, I know I said I wanted to live in Tibet, but NOW I want to live in Mongolia, in a rug-strew yurt with a motorcycle and satellite television.


Paola said…
Let's move!
Mongolia seems far away enough ... and if there's satellite well, it's a win win.
Mary said…
I need to google this and find out how to get a copy
Terese said…
I can already see that we have years of grandchildren ahead of you and hopefully I.
I'll take one of each of those little muffins.
Miz S said…
It's been on my list. Perhaps my Evangeline will go see that with me. She's a fan of babies.
Anonymous said…
I just streamed this on Netflix the other night and loved it too. Bayar was my favorite. So expressive! And their yurt was WAY cool.

Anonymous said…
I liked it, too! I liked it when the enormous rooster sort of strolled around Bayar, who was all wrapped up on a bed. Mongolia does look beautiful -- plus, it looks like it would be fun to be a baby there.
Quirky Jessi said…
It sounds beautiful...I'm surprised I haven't heard about it before. Did you rent it somewhere or watch online? I see one in the comments that used Netflix, but wondering where else I could find it.
Karla May said…
OMG. I saw this in the theater with The Geej and we both LOVED IT. The scene where the little Japanese girl is throwing the tantrum on the floor? I howled. They were all precious, but I wanted to absolutely EAT Bayar.

And Ponijao? Every germophobic mommy with a newborn needs to see how healthy that little boy was--dirt and all.
Caterina said…
Oh my goodness, I blogged about this movie too (although it was awhile back). And I have yet to see it! And I really do WANT to see it, now even more.