Angry Birds

It has effected many of us.
From Australia to Tuvalu, the Angry Birds have consumed our waking hours.
There is, presently, no defense.


Crazy Mom! said…
I have no iPhone or iPad but I NEED the Angry Birds!
Duyvken said…
Sent this to Mr Duyvken.
He succumbed last week to Angry Birds and now the evening soundtrack is those pigs grunting chuckle.
Prior to that he loved a carpark puzzle app that made a swooshing noise every time you moved a car.
I think I preferred the swooshing.
barbra said…
I LOVE the Angry Birds! (I turn the sound off.) When an update comes in I play and play until it is all solved!
Ali said…
This is precisely why I fought for number 1 son not to get an itouch. Because I am obsessed. And 'Cut the Rope' too. Sad.
Anonymous said…
I've never heard of this before or seen it, yet immediately I comprehend the addiction.