ahead of me/behind me AND a transatlantic conversation!

I had an email last night, from Alice. My dear Alice. Lovely Alice!
She asked for my telephone number and I gave it to her.
She had news to share and, once we were on the phone together, we rushed right into her exciting blog development. No how-do-you-dos for us. We launched, immediately, into her news and stories of MissM and my idea for her to marry Middle!
That's the thing about internet friends. They can step into conversation with you as though they've been there all along. Seriously. Alice called just as I was stuffing my face with guacamole and tortilla chips and she took my mumbling and teeth-picking in stride! Plus, we totally fell in to step regarding our children and their accomplishments or LACK THEREOF. Just saying.
Twas a truly lovely call and, had I given myself time to consider it further, I'm sure I'd cry. Really.
But, as it is, I'm in the midst of a heck of a week!

To get you up to speed: Youngest has sufficiently recovered from a "procedure" and, with limits on his physical activity for the next couple of weeks he should be fine. We still have a couple of other medical things to attend to between now and January but I'm not expecting anything significant to develop.
It's been an extraordinary week at my office. A huge project has finished and we are celebrating.
And, during the celebration, my pal CB was promoted to a wonderful new position and this
from CB's facebook page
is him at the end of his very exciting day. (I luff this photo.)

We're dining at the C's home this weekend: mussels and frites and the weather is slightly too warm for me.
An office visitor just told me that there's quite a bit of snow on 60th street right now. Of course, there are a few dozen movie vehicles too, so that explains it.


Mary Beth said…
I believe Jim Carrey is filming Mr. Popper's Penguins in the city today. I wonder if that is the cause of all the snow?
eurolush said…
As Alice's #1 fan in Deutschland, I feel compelled to throw in my two (euro) cents worth here. Alice is simply the nicest, funniest, friendliest, sweetest blogger in all of England. She also has the twinkliest blue-green eyes...which sparkle when she smiles. You've done well if you can call Alice a friend.
Hilary said…
Love the pictures, and love the warmth...Especially since I didn’t switch my shoes yet – I’ve been freezing all week wearing my sandals... I am trying to hang on to summer as long as I can.. I know I have problems!
Ali said…
Okay, so now I am madly curious about Alice's news.
Paola said…
You and Alice over the phone. Had you ever heard her voice before? I love hearing the voice of someone out of a blog. Like Eleanor did the other day and I realized: WOW, that voice is perfect for her! Exactly what I thought it would be.

But seriously ... what's the news!?

And I belive Middle and MissM would make an awesome, hip, chic, trendy, adorable couple.
alice c said…
I have discussed this with MissM and she regrets that she is otherwise engaged. BUT...all is not lost...she suggests her friend, the very talented Miss I, who is studying Media Arts, specialising in photography. She has beautiful red hair and fabulous taste in clothes. Interested?
Anonymous said…
Look at all the matchmaking going on in the comments! Love it.

Congrats to CB, and continued good health to Youngest.

Anonymous said…
It may be too warm for you now, but it is suddenly 34˚ in WI with 8"-10" of snow since sometime last night. On Wednesday and Thursday it was nearly 70˚ here. So watch out.

::scurries off to read Alice's blog::