why we need/don't need a hippo

We are wealthy in apples.
It's a little embarrassing.
Youngest proposed procuring a hippo. 
Youngest explained that hippos love fruit.
But, where would we keep a hippo? And could a hippo fit in our living room?
Hilarity ensued.
How big is a hippo? Between 11 and 17 feet long.
We compared it to having a dog.
But hippos commonly spend 16 hours in water. This may prove problematic.

...in the field

We don't need to determine their sex. Thankfully.

social life

Nor are we interested in their social lives.


This is nervous-making.


Sometimes I feel like megafauna.


And I may well be graviportal.


I have always admired Pliny.


The deal-breaker? The secretion of red sweat.
Good luck getting that off the walls, says Middle. And, so, it is decided.



blackbird said…
Donna The Hippo!
Paola said…
I AM the hippo in my houselhold!
Anonymous said…
My awe of your family just grows...and grows...
alice c said…
That's a shame because I had you down for one on my Christmas list.

How do you feel about orangutan?
Anonymous said…
Are you sure they eat fruit? I thought they ate cake. According to:


that's what they eat.
And now my brain is singing that fabulous Christmas song...
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"
Scot said…
Not to mention they're a bitch to deal with when they're in heat! Ever see one clear a six foot fence? Oh wait, that was my malamute.
Carol said…
My oldest loves hippos so I am sure she would agree. His reasoning sounds like something she would come up with as well.
kt said…
...I just love that the "distinct" pigments have such completely similar names. And they're fun to say.

Hipposudoric acid.

Norhipposudoric acid.