two threes

Three Things I'd Like:


A Honda Metropolitan


These boots.


A turkey sandwich.

Three Women With Notable Hair Who Cook On Television:

Mary Ann

Mary Ann.




Giardia. (sic.)


Duyvken said…
Oooh, those boots!
More info please.
I LUFF them.
Ems said…
A small correction from a long-time lurker. I think her name is Giada. Giardia is a parasite that causes nasty GI illness.

Sorry, I took a Microbiology course this summer and I can't help knowing these things.
Ems said…
And I just found out what (sic.) means. Very funny.
KPB said…
Hah - we call her Giardia in this house too. Either that or the Human Bratz doll.

And those boots - FINALLY some decent footwear. They are hawt.
Pamela said…
First Blackbird: thank you for liking and mentioning my blog! Your loyal fans have been popping over to see it and I feel extremely popular, riding on your coat tails. Second: GIARDIA is brilliant. She bugs the beejeesus out of me... a poor man's Nigella, without the vocabulary. Third: OMG the toast thing. Fantastic.
pam h
Paola said…
I was expecting a tray hitting from Kim about the boots ... I was aghast to read she likes them!
I never knew about (sic) so I learned something.
Giardia doesn't look credible to me as a cook. Maybe a model, a bunny or a Hooter girl? yes. A cook, no. And that shot is disgusting.
Soft Rock Mama said…
I'm with Duyvken, more info.

Giardia, quite funny.
{unless the liquid fire is exiting your body, not so funny then}

Agreed Paola, the picture is disgusting!
Anonymous said…
That's a fine looking scooter!
Anonymous said…
I think Giardia (sic) is lounging in someone's uncontrollable vomit.

Btw, the second set of three is geniusly described. Notable indeed.

I have to wonder, if you HAD those boots, if in a couple of years you'd say that they are a little 2010. Or are they possibly classic in a way that I don't know enough to appreciate?

blackbird said…
Boots now linked to.
jo said…
That photo of GEE YARD A is going to give me nightmares.
Anonymous said…
You'd wear those boots out pretty damn fast on your Honda Metro---they have no traction!

You need treads that are hail (Mary) worthy.

Scot said…
Is she rolling around in chocolate sauce or gravy? Cuz, really, either one is fine with me. I can bring the ice cream or the mashed potatoes!

Right before I started playing on my computer, I made myself a turkey sandwich. I use chili con queso instead of mayo (I add lots and lots of chorizo when I make chili con queso!) And if I do say so myself, I make the third best queso anywhere.
Sweet turn of events there, huh?
melanie said…
Love Lidia B!