Exciting Thing:

BlogHer has asked to syndicate my men are toast post. They pay for that sort of thing.

Lovely Thing:

Walking down the block to buy bagels with my sweetheart.

Fun Thing: 

My new favorite blog. I love to tell people what to do but this woman is a genius.

Annoying Thing:

I have misplaced the test epi-pens. Haven't seen them since our return from the Cape.

Funny Thing:

Listening to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me on NPR.


RW said…
That is incredibly exciting - the Men from Toast - so funny.

How to Run your life - she is intense. Need to read in little chunks.
barbra said…
I loved that Men From Toast post! Congrats.

We are a "Wait Wait" family too!
Scot said…

He's on a horse, ok, maybe not!
men of Toast was genius! Congrats.

I also love Wait, Wait. When I worked on Saturdays, I had the podcasts downloaded on my iPod.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the syndication! And payment!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the Exciting thing! And I agree about the Funny thing. I will check out the Fun thing, and I hope your Annoying thing becomes an Ah-ha! thing. And lastly, love that you and K have such a Lovely thing going.