I've had some Korean chicken and some candy corn (read: a vegetable) and sat myself down.
Espada's got Holly.
La Flor has Jane.
Both tribes went to Tribal Council.
Kelly B. (and her prosthetic leg) went home (am I terrible?).
Yve and her disarmingly young looks went home.

On night 15 there are 13 left on the Espada tribe. Should Dan have gone home? Should Alina go next? Who the hell IS Alina? And why not Kayonka?

At La Flor there is some misunderstanding regarding the vote. They tell Marty they know he has the idol and he says he knew he shouldn't play it.

There's a lot of discussion about Jane's vote. Who did she vote for. Who will she vote for next?
Doesn't matter - it's time for a challenge.
I can't describe it. One person stands on a tiny platform in the middle of a pool while an opposing team member attempts to throw a ball into a net behind them.
The reward is a farm breakfast, offsite.
Fabio and Chase are the first defenders.
Naonka scores easily.
Jill scores against Chase.
Benri scores.
They are playing to 5.
Chase blocks a shot.
Fabio saves a shot too.
Kelly scores. The score is tied.
Dan makes a measly effort and doesn't score.
Zack misses.
Alina scores! Espada leads.
Brenda misses.
Fabio takes a break to pee in the pool and Naonka scores.
Jill scores as well.
Benri scores for Espada and wins for the team.

At Espada, Sash tell us how he loves that the old people on his team feed him and work for him. But he only cares about loyalty. He says.
The La Flors are riding horses to their breakfast. That guy in the baseball cap has an emotional time remembering his dad. They are taught how to milk a cow.
Jane catches a fish! Monkeys howl in trees.
She cooks the fish for herself and doesn't take it back to camp.

At the reward breakfast there's cheese and rice and beans. Holly is shaking with delight. It became "very emotional" for the team. Being emotional is all part of Naonka's plan...she's "playing a role."

I see mom out, lug my crappe upstairs and there's a challenge.
It's a marble-rolling-maze-trap-break-a-board challenge and Espada is leading.
They win. Back-to-back wins.

Brenda and Holly look dejected. La Flor has the afternoon to figure out who is going home.
Marty and Sash have a heartfelt chat on the beach about how the vote will go. Marty must, he says, give the idol to someone. He gives it to Sash. Perhaps it will buy him one more cycle and he will survive until the merge. Sash is somewhat smug regarding this small victory and the team head off to Tribal Council.
(Jeff is wearing a special-looking necklace!)

You know, I never have much patience for pre-vote small talk. Jeff provokes certain answers and the teams squirm in their seats. Jill explains how it still seems like young vs. old.
Marty and his idol are discussed and he explains his position and says that he gave the idol to Sash.
Brendan feels this is fine - that *they* all have the idol.
Sash doesn't feel as generous with the idol.
Time to vote.
Jane gets some votes.
Jill gets some votes.
Marty gets some votes.
Jill goes.
Which only shows that the team is pretty split regarding votes. Jeff feels the votes are based on loyalty. We both wonder how long loyalty lasts.


Grandma Cebe said…
Even though I kind of like Marty, I think he should have been voted off for his stupidity in giving away the idol. He's got know that he really can't trust those young 'uns. Great re-cap, as always.
jo said…
Wait! KFC? Korean fried chicken?
My recent obsession with all comestibles Korean hopes you will share more information.