There are two new teams and it's all mixed up.
I still don't know people's names but I know there's an Espada tribe and a La Fleur tribe. Spelling? We don't care about spelling!
Tyrone went home and 15 are left.

Is Danny done? He's telling people he's done.
Oh, it's La Flor! La Flor where the young ones sleep and the older people work. The older people are wary. Brenda tells us that Jane blends right in but everyone else is young vs. old.

For the first challenge is for individual immunity and both tribes will go to tribal council. One person from each tribe will be sent home. Players must find rope rings with paddles, save them and then do a ring toss.
Holly wins the first round.
Jill wins the second round.
(Note to me: Jill is the lady with the red hair. Jill is the lady with the blond curly hair.)
In the showdown Jill and Holly do a ring toss against each other.
Jill takes it for La Flor!
La Flor will go to Tribal Council first.

I don't know what happens for a full seven minutes as I am embroiled in a cable television discussion with my mother. She has no choice! We've lost several channels. I don't know what the answer is, so don't email me - I do know that I'm not watching television on my laptop.

Marty is trying to bullshit Fabio and sway the vote. Fabio is pretty stupid but he may not be as stupid as Marty thinks he is.

At Espada, Holly has immunity but realizes that her younger teammates have all the influence on the vote. Will they vote for Dan or Yve? Dan tells us he's got a Range Rover and a Ferrari and can quit. This doesn't make Holly happy. Benry (don't even get me started on that name) thinks Yve should go.

The I get a phone call from our friends The Belgians! (Actually, we have two sets of Belgian friends. I'm not sure how to identify these particular Belgians.) It's set! Dinner on Saturday!

Where are we? Why isn't anyone talking about voting that Kaonka woman out?
Mom likes Jane. She's "crinkly and a cool lady."
Three votes for Marty and three votes for Kelly B.?
Will that "flush the idol" from Marty?
We decide that we cannot tolerate Fabio's voice. (I cannot tolerate that they have named him Fabio as I ADORE the Real Fabio, in Positano.)
Marty thinks they should vote for Jane.
Brenda tells us that Marty is the number one threat, but she doesn't want Kelly B. to stay either.
Are you confused yet?
(It does seem simpler once I type it out.)
I think Marty is in trouble and, the way I see it, he has to play the idol no matter what.

I certainly hope you weren't looking forward to my transcribing the conversation at Tribal Council.
(It's nearly time to fire up the furnace at my house!)
(Monday is K's birthday. We are going out to lunch on Sunday and then taking a walk in town. Very excited.)
Marty says he never offered up Jane. He's uncomfortable. He mouths to Jane to VOTE BRENDA.
They vote.
Jane votes for Marty. (Smug.)
Marty votes Brenda. (Stupid.)
Brenda votes Kelly B. (You just can't hope to win with one leg, I guess.)
Marty doesn't play the idol.
It's a tie: Marty vs. Kelly B..
Kelly B. goes.

La Flor gets chicken and beef kabobs while they listen to the Espada Tribal Council.
We aren't sure why this is significant.
K argues that it is psychological - La Flor will eat while Espada is hungry, and because La Flor will hear about the other tribe's problems.
Dan says that nothing bothers him but Yve confesses that Dan is bothered all the time and may even want to leave. She feels he's not committed.
Dan thinks Yve is arrogant. But does Yve talk about her three houses and six cars?
La Flor burp and leave and it's time for Espada to vote.
Holly keeps her immunity and they vote.
Yve goes.
Through the cemetery no less.


Terese said…
I have to admit that your blog is the viewing I have of Survivor, when they finally run the promos in Oz I always know what's going to happen from your keen analysis.
I also love that you share it with your Mum.