Coach Jimmy has gone home.
Marty might be evil.
Kelly B. and Alina are at the bottom of the food chain.
Wait! Jeff is going too fast, I don't know who he's talking about!
They've voted out a proven leader!
17 are left.

It's pouring rain and Ye Olde Team is huddled up trying to stay dry. They look a little fried. The other Jimmy is making them a little crazy as they try to stay comfortable. But, as Marty says, give him a little rope and he'll hang himself from the nearest branch.

Water has washed out the beach at the Olde Tribe. The ocean is full of mud and debris is everywhere. Jill explains how the bay is washed out and how hungry they are. Marty tries to set up a net after watching a pelican feed on fish in the river. It's not easy. Coach Jimmy's leadership may be missed.

At the young team Naonka hadn't realized it rained. She and another player set off to look for the idol and they find it. It was Brenda - but Naonka claims it as her own. Now, not "even a one legged person can stand in her way."
Kelly B and Alina build a nice friendship. They set off to look for the Idol too. Naonka confronts them and is ugly. She tells them she doesn't like them.

It's night 10 and Ye Olde Team talk about strategy and nominate Tyrone to lead them. Is The Other Jimmy happy with this? We aren't sure. We see some tension between him and Marty.
The next morning they pick up news of a challenge. A challenge involving a blindfold.
They practice getting and receiving directions whilst being blindfolded. And, though Tyrone attempts to lead, Jimmy has to get involved.

The teams join Jeff for the challenge and get the rules. One person is a caller, the rest of the tribe is blindfolded and tethered to each other. The caller directs the teammates to items in the field which the winners will be able to keep some of.
(FYI, I'm confusing Daniel and Marty, just so you know. I think.)
There are some spills, it is frustrating, there's lots of yelling.
The Younger Tribe has a huge lead and must find keys to unlock a chest.
They find the key, unlock the chest and win!
They win fishing supplies, a tarp and a knife set.

I just CANNOT believe that Jimmy, once again, makes a case for how he can help the team if he JUST has a chance to help the team. This isn't playing well with Tyrone. What a blow-hard I'm thinking.

The Young team revel in their victory and Plaid Shirt Guy finds a clue to the location of the idol. He brings Brenda with him to look for it. She confesses that she and Nay have aligned and that Nay has the clue. Plaid shirt guy isn't sure but he thinks he should believe her. Brenda plays both sides but warns him not to tell Nay.

The Olde Team digs around for sea urchins and do okay. Jimmy gives Marty trouble for eating a couple on his own without contributing to the pot. Marty is pretty convinced that Jimmy has to go.
I don't know anyones names but they are all talking about voting Jimmy and not Danny. Though Danny is not especially strong.

They go off to Tribal.
I answer some emails.
The Olde Team aggravate me. I think this other Jimmy has to go. I'm so sick of hearing how hard Jimmy is trying, about how he has to be given a chance. The team doesn't want him to lead. He says he can take their advice but that it hurts and asks for a moment to collect himself.
How will they vote.
Jimmy T.
Can't say I'm sorry.


Priscilla said…
You forgot the crying! The crying! Jimmy cries right there in front of God and everyone!

And he wants to be a leader. . hmmff
Priscilla said…
Oh wait! I guess you did mention it. Sorry!