Oldest weighs in

The scene: the kitchen. Oldest returns from, I don't know, being out.

Oldest: When's dinner?

K: Another 15 minutes. 

Oldest: And what's that cake-y looking thing on the stove?

K: That would be an apple coffee cake I made. 

Oldest: !

K: AND I made peanut brittle ice cream.

Oldest: (opening the refrigerator) AND YOU BOUGHT A HAM!


Crazy Mom! said…
Oh Joy!

Can I have some?

(Oldest sounds just like The Stooges...)
Badger said…
This sounds like conversations I've had with my boy child, only he would have followed up the ham declaration with, "Best. Day. EVER."

But then he REALLY likes ham.
What is it with men and ham? It is Mr. Pom's favorite meal and we manage to have it only on Christmas Day and Easter.

Personally, I think peanut brittle ice cream ON warm ham would be divine!
Anonymous said…
It's all about their stomachs, isn't it?