notes from the office

It was an especially wet and windy Friday morning.

But there was a piece of bread up for grabs down the hall if you wanted one.


Some employees did well in the Great Art Giveaway this week.

art giveaway

Others were not so lucky.

my new view

What was once a storage space is now an office. Witness my new view.

It's not every day one can see this kind of note at work.

note from proofs

important mail

BCMS sends this mailing to my boss every month. It never ceases to crack me up.

Down the hall and around the corner, the freelance designers have had some fun with their cubicles.



Every time I pass this moose,


I think of how much Middle would like it.

C's office

C's office is directly across the airshaft from mine -

great shelves

and is the coziest spot on the sixth floor.


Anonymous said…
Ensign Pavel Chekov.....

he was an ENSIGN!


smalltownme said…
I love this peek into your work word. Hello to Chekov and Sulu.
Chekov did get promoted in the movies.
The Coffee Lady said…
Bread? Why was there bread?
Paola said…
A day at work with Bb.
The moose looks angry.
Anonymous said…
IS C's office also children's book library? What on earth does your job involve anyway? So intriguing.