notes from the commute

My commute is never dull.
This week there has already been a derailment! The evening rush was all kinds of disrupted.
I don't think there have been any Riders Of Shame to report of late...tonight, the woman sitting next to me made an especially loud call to arrange a ride home and then read, aloud, to herself from a Danielle Steele novel, but I'm not sure that's worth mentioning. The behavior of my fellow commuters never ceases to amaze me.
This morning's trip to work was slightly anxiety provoking.
Each day we determine who needs to be where when. Three mornings a week Middle rides with me and we drive Youngest near to his school. Middle and I walk from an outlying parking lot to the train and K takes the scooter, gets a cup of coffee, and parks at the station.
Many mornings he texts me if there are parking spots at the station. Most mornings there are no spots available and Middle and I park where we leave Youngest (across from the school).
Today, Middle and I dropped Youngest off and dashed to the station thinking there might be spots. NONE!
We made our way to the outlying lot but there was a detour that took some extra time. When we finally parked we had to make a mad dash to catch our train!
Finefinefine. We tucked into our newspapers and clipped on our iPods and rode to work.
We parted at the station, K headed to the downtown subway, Middle walking uptown and me walking down to my office.
I walked through the station and went up to the street...
people ii

I was walking along, not very far, when I saw a woman bleeding.

zombies and people

But, before I could become alarmed (one can see ANYTHING in my city), I saw a woman looking sort of dazed...


and that's when I realized that the neighborhood had been overrun by zombies.

zombies and taxis

I phoned Middle and K as fast as I could but K was already on the train.
Middle ran back a block and met up with me and the undead (is that right? are they undead?).


There was a visible police presence, so we weren't concerned for our safety.


Though SOME of the undead were a little pushy!


And SOME of the undead were a little gruesome at 8:15am.

Zombies (or Tim)

And, a couple of times, we were all Eff off, zombies!



I left Middle alone with them.
Though I did make a mental note that THIS GUY looked like he could handle himself pretty well...


...or at least take good photos.

I hurried off to a busy day at work.
I read later that the zombies had moved downtown to a bridge.


Anonymous said…
damn zombies....

Badger said…
I love a good Zombie Walk.

And I find your commute(s) terribly exciting, while remaining eternally grateful that I no longer have one myself. Unless you count my commute(s) to take the kids to school, which often involve(s) deer! And ambulances! And adorable elderly couples from various Asian countries walking down the sidewalk!

My word verification is mention. Just thought I'd mention that. HAHAHA I crack myself up.
Unknown said…
Just remember: cardio, double tap, buckle up and don't try to be a hero.
RW said…
We got caught in a zombie walk this past summer. Craziness. They attacked a bus. The bus driver was not impressed.
Anonymous said…
Okay, I've NEVER seen a zombie where I live. Your morning commute is SO much more exotic than mine.
Paola said…
Only in America! sigh ...
Anonymous said…
That has to be the coolest thing ever.

Scot said…
I agree with jbhat. I love the thought of a bunch of like minded - or in this case, no minded people getting together and doing crazy stuff like that. Sure beats a bunch of politicians.

Did anybody see the black lacey gloves that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was wearing on the ABC News interview? What a cool old lady she is!
Suse said…
Paola, not only in America! Melbourne has an annual zombie walk, and they are issued with strict instructions not to scare children passersby.

I'm giggling at the woman who read her book out loud on the train. Showing off that she could read? Thought she might entertain the rest of the carriage? What goes through peoples' heads sometimes, sheesh.
Anonymous said…
We're off to watch a zombie walk tonight, right by the ocean. Pip is participating - wearing a top hat. As the best dressed zombies do...