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KPB said…

2. That featured Sculptures by the Sea at Bondi to Tamarama - I'm going there to see it for the first time in 2 weeks! With the big boys! On a school excursion!

3. 12 men have died rock fishing in Australia this year. Bloody idiots.

4. I'm a tad confused because that is so clearly Sydney (that beach at the end is a beach on Sydney Harbour called Balmoral where all the snooty people take their precocious brats children called Lachlan and Tristan and Rupert or Eliza or Adelaide for a paddle in the backwater from the Manly Ferries, paying exorbitant amounts for a coffee and average fish and chips) but we most certainly don't have an oil rig just off The Heads.
KPB said…
5. And the Westpac Rescue helicopter! We have that overhead fairly regularly rescuing people from the surf and whatnot - so weird seeing these things on your blawg!
blackbird said…

Sydney photographer and filmmaker Keith Loutit attracted an internet and media sensation, following the release of his 'Bathtub' series of short films, that transformed both iconic and familiar Sydney scenes into miniature wonderlands. Known as the pioneer of the tilt-shift / time-lapse technique, Loutit was the first to recognize how time and focus combine to support the powerful illusion of miniaturization in film. In his scaled down and sped up realities, real world subjects become their miniature counterparts. Boats bob like toys in a bathtub, cars race like slot-cars, and crowds march as toy armies. Loutit's aim is create a sense of wonder in our surroundings by "challenging people's perceptions of scale, and helping the viewer to distance themselves from places they know well".
Unknown said…
Super cool! I posted it on FB and gave you a mini-shout out (but didn't link to your blog, here). I hadn't seen any of his stuff before. Thanks!
Paola said…
That was nice. Especially the hug.
Mary said…
Those cliffs and beaches are very similar to where Eleanor lives ...and where I was taking photos this morning!

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