my goodness, it's Tuesday

Where have I been? I know you are wondering.
Obviously, I've been dancing around in my sweaters. And bringing two lovely JCrew skirts deemed too complicated to alter to a lovely tall co-worker.
And staying up latelatelate drinking far too much wine with our friend W who is visiting from Paris. Now that I read that, I realize that it wasn't all that late, but it was an awful lot of wine.

I've been getting these wonderful emails from Etsy and thought I'd share some of my favorite things on this cool, dark, damp morning.

Though rope has become frightfully trendy of late, I do still love a Monkey's Fist!

doorstop from KarensRopeWork

And, I am somewhat certain that K could make this for me:
door mat from KarensRopeWork

If your boyfriend is not as talented as mine I suppose you could order these things from Karen.

FrenchByDesign has dozens of wonderful things...

from FrenchByDesign

from FrenchByDesign

Though I do have my suspicions about the "vintage" ladder as I have the same exact one in red. Unless 15 years old IS vintage.

I'd like a new-old dining room table from this fellow.
two tables from brandmojointeriors

Can you say the name of the vendor out loud? I had a hard time spelling it. Could be the hangover.

Kudos on this last photo. Nice setting.(And the bench isn't half bad.)

BarkingDog sheep
Such a sweet baby sheep! I'd love to buy him for a new baby.


I could link to these pages but I'm tired.

wrap from ilealye

I feel like these people need to work a bit on their copy. It isn't as wonderful as the wrap.

ileaiye's shop

shrug from ileaiye

I always wonder about shrugs. Pretty but, perhaps, not so good on small people?


I'm pretty ambivalent about spats too. Spats. I can't even say spats without smirking.


alice c said…
That brown cardigan will be perfect for the occasions when your arms and neck are freezing cold but you have sunburn on your stomach.
Terese said…
French by Design was beautiful.
I feel that Etsy doesn't get enough press in Australia or maybe Im not in the hand made loop?
Speaking of seasonal wardrobes I pulled my Spring Tshirt collection out and it had gone mouldy we have had such a wet winter here. Washed out well though, so still wearable. Eucalyptus is the key washday add for clothes rejuvenation here.
Spats make me think of my high school marching band uniform,
Duyvken said…
Hm, I know someone having a baby.
In February, actually.
A boy baby.
Happy days!!
KPB said…
D - ZOMG - you're having a boy!!!! SQUEEEEEE

And dude, that coffee table that was a cart or some such - can you imagine how many times you'd break your toes on that sticking out wheel. It'd hurt like a bastard, I know that.

that shrug thing - with the skats? Perfect ... ON A HORSE.
KPB said…
sPats. I meant SPATS!
Paola said…
Yes, I am quite sure we all have the "vintage" ladder in our homes ...
NadiPol said…
No, my grandfather used to have a step ladder just like this one in his garage, so it must be a design that has been running for quite so time. I love this ladder!
Anonymous said…
agreed with nadipol, this kind of ladder has been around for a while.
Anonymous said…
I smirked at spats, too.
And wood tables, well, I can't see why you'd want any other kind.
Thank you for your kind mentions!

brandMOJO Interiors

:) And we look forward to hearing from you if you're ever interested one of our tables.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the shout-out about the setting of the photo for our Abbott's Bench.

Marisa, brandMOJO Images