in which I successfully made caramel apples

You don't have to act surprised, though I was.


What's that red line down the side of my photo? No idea!

Anyway, I boiled up some corn syrup (food of Satan!) and some sugar and some cream and found some sticks and dunked the apples.


Watch that temperature. Don't use THIS thermometer -

not THIS thermometer

use THIS thermometer! And look up the temperatures for "firm ball" or whateverthehell it is.

THIS thermometer

Do not assume that you need a double boiler. You do not. YOU. DO. NOT.
I've fallen for this line of thought before.


If you don't think too much it all works out well in the end.

Hey, it's 8:1l on Friday night and I've arrived at a metaphor.


Scot said…
All these years and all you needed was the right thermometer! How hard was it to clean thet nice shiney pot?
Anonymous said…
What kind of apples?? Whose toothbrush in the sink?? Oh, and is that All-Clad? (still my favorite cookware after 20 years)


p.s. YUM. I think I like mine really caramel-ly, though, so that would probably require loads of butter. Right?
blackbird said…

I used a mix of apples: honey crisps, empires, macouns.
That is a pot-scrubbing brush in the sink (I know, it looks like a big toothbrush) and it is an All-Clad pot on the stove (we have about 5 and need one more).
I forgot to mention the butter. Lots of butter!
Paola said…
I think I need proof with Youngest biting into a caramel apple and NOT being stuck to it.
They look DIVINE
The pot looks SHINING
The kitchen is all ORGANIZED
I can tell you've gone through this SEVERAL times already ...
Anonymous said…
Mmmm. Nothing as divine as apple success in one's own kitchen.
Lifeofkaylen said…
YUM!!! I have never made them this way! When I was young, we just melted caramels-the individually wrapped ones that we had to unwrap one by one...