I'm thinking about it.

Some posts from the archives!

1. Things you can really only find on the internet.

2. Random. Old random!

3. Great new fall looks. (This post gets hits every day.)

4. Pop Tarts.

5. How not to make candy apples. 


Anonymous said…
did you see the home made pop tarts recipe on crepes of wrath?

#1 Stop Talking cards. I have a shit ton of craft supplies. I could make those. I just might.

#2 I have a photo of my great-grandmother with the Victorian up-do

#3 I think the hat/kerchief thing is only sold in Amish stores

#4 Adorable Pop-tarts. I gave my Mom hell the first time I caught her feeding one to my baby boy.

#5 Oof. Sorry about the candy apple FAIL
Duyvken said…
LOL, I love it when you go retro, I get to discover 'new to me' BB posts.
That fall fashion rundown is excellent. We all need pockets our breasts can sag into, don't you think? You know that one of the reasons put forward for older men wearing their pants up around their chests is to provide the extra support required for the scrotal sag that comes with age, don't you?
Ah yes, so much to look forward to in our golden years :-)
Paola said…
For me it was a re-reading and that apple flop, I remember it oh so distinctly. I noticed I wa sso shocked I didnt' even comment.