hello sweaters my old friends

You know what this weekend is?
Tis the weekend I spend pulling the cold-weather clothes out of the attic.
I bitch and moan. I sigh. I survey. I send big bags of discards to charity. But, in the end, I'm thrilled.
I love finding clothes I forgot about. It's like free shopping.
Of course, there are always disappointments. There are three great skirts that are two sizes too big for me. Tell me, do I have them tailored? Because, while that sounds economical and efficient, it is expensive and perhaps not the best choice. Two of them are very 2007, I'm just sayin. And, while I do realize that, in the grand scheme of things, this is no sin against fashion, the skirts are too long, too wide and slightly too formal looking.
I need to send them to MissM! (What size is she, do you think?)
Meanwhile, I am waltzing (yes, dancing, in the house) around with long sleeves and a neck warmer-thing on. It's barely 67 degrees!


Hilary said…
I love to go shopping in my closet. I always find something I didn’t know I owned!
Stephanie said…
I just did this and cleaned my whole closet and it feels so good. Only pay to tailor them if you love them. Otherwise, chuck them or try it yourself if you sew at all.

I also keep my jewelry in my closet and love opening those doors and seeing everything looking so pretty.

sigh. Now if it would just get chilly!!
:) i love opening my sweater box... i've always forgotten about one or two that fill me with wooly joy. :)
The Coffee Lady said…
If they're too long, get them chopped. I don't know how much alterations cost round your way, but I came away with a knee length velvet skirt which I love for £10, when I started with a floor length velvet skirt that I hated.

If you don't like them, send em to the charity shop. Now.
Poppy B. said…
I just want to know what makes a skirt too 2007. Too 1997 I can picture, but too three years ago? To my way of thinking, at three years old, my clothes are just getting broken in.
blackbird said…
Geez. I can see that THAT was a mistake. It's a pencil skirt. With buttons on the side and some detail on the kick-pleat and was all over the internet in late 2007/08. I had to choose between several versions of it.
Unknown said…
If the skirts are classic enough cuts that they don't scream "OUTDATED" to you, I would go with alterations--assuming you really, really like them and would continue to wear them beyond this year.

If they're just fun pieces that you liked, but don't really love, give 'em away. Someone else will appreciate your cast-offs, I'm sure!

I'm always willing to spend the money on classic pieces that will last and last and can be updated with new accessories or an au courant top. Classics like that are always worth the investment.

Trendier things that I'll only like for a season or two don't generally get the same consideration. They need to be affordable--not so expensive I can't bear to give them away when I tire of them.

But maybe that's just me...
Anonymous said…
The skirt you describe above doesn't sound bad, but maybe hard to tailor with all that stuff going on. Maybe have them converted into more neck warmer-things.

alice c said…
MissM has laid waste to the high street and come away with The Perfect Black Skirt for Autumn 2010. It would gladden your heart to see her in it.
Caterina said…
Title to this post makes me hear a Simon & Garfunkel song.

Sorry, I rarely get to experience sweater weather, so not much to say about it :P
Paola said…
I'm NOT good at fashion people. I have no idea what was in in 2007/08 or 1997!
I am bad, I know, that is why I read you and TRY to learn.
MissM? She's an S, leaning towards XS. Or that is what I imagine.
Anonymous said…
Get rid of the skirts. Chalk them up to a couple of Life's Minor Mistakes.
Sweaters--been wearing them for weeks now. Socks, too. You would LOVE the weather here.
eurolush said…

You're waltzing in your long sleeves with your neck warmer thing on.


I'm pretty much moving my hips like 'yeah.'