good words, flat coats, this and that

 ”Never listen to a phone call that isn’t meant for you. Never read a letter that isn’t meant for you. Never pay attention to a comment that isn’t meant for you. Never violate people’s privacy. You will save yourself a great deal of anguish. You might not understand this now, but you will later on.”
— True Compass, by Ted Kennedy
I've been looking at At Its Best and found that quote, which I like. Truth is, I've learned to do just this. I tend to not violate people's privacy and it has stood me in good stead.

As for flat coats...
pink coat

I'd like to point out
that it is very difficult
finger puppet
to determine
too blue
what this outerwear looks like from this perspective. Not that I am shopping for outerwear at this juncture. Coats are something I peruse from time to time. These are from Toast.
butterfly that's been hit by a car
This one, I think, looks like a butterfly that has been hit by a car.

K and I traveled out in our neighborhood today. We went to Orvis where he has a $50 gift card. this proved to be an unsuccessful trip. (May I say, as an aside, that though $50 gift cards are much appreciated, they are a pain in the ass to spend. Nothing is $50. $25 would be better spent. Truly. But thanks.)
Our next stop was the wine store and it was being renovated. This is unremarkable save for the fact that the wine store close to our home is also being renovated and the dust was considerable enough to send us (and our newly purchased wine) packing. Now this alternate store is also dusty and poorly stocked. I suppose it just goes to show that people are eagerly purchasing alcohol. No surprise there.
Finally we went for a browse at Anthropologie. I was hoping to see some of their lighting fixtures as I have a bee in my bonnet to replace the "glowing breast" above our dining room table. K is not keen.
I wanted to see these:
Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.21.33 PM
which were not there and which K vetoed in the photo anyway.
Or these:
Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.22.23 PM
which I have loved from the beginning of time and which would be nice on either side of the big board. (Perhaps sconces are the way to go? We could keep the breast!)
I am also fond of this:
Screen shot 2010-10-30 at 5.27.11 PM
which is none of the above. And, as my father would say: but where would you keep it?!
I've gone all black and industrial in my decor mood, I'll tell you. And I am wearing one of my very favorite made-from-crappe outfits: black leggings, black flats, a black sheer sarong-thing from JCrew from 10 years ago, a black turtle-neck, a long black cardi and a gray scarf. It feels like nothing else, and my husband is over there with his long wavy hair and a set of tongs in his hand making me Boeuf Bourguignon.
What could be better?


Unknown said…
As far as flat coats go, I think I neglected to post a photo of this LOFT cotton metal twill trench that I got and LURVE! They had a similar one last year that sold out immediately, so I pounced on this one as soon as I saw it. Good thing, too, as it's no longer available. It's so comfortable , not to mention flattering; I get oodles of compliments on it.

I also dream of replacing light fixtures. I am happy to report that none of my ceilings are sporting breasts, though.
Hilary said…
I work in the booze biz.... People always purchase alcohol! Which, I guess is a good thing for me ;)
KPB said…
I think the booze industry is like hairdresser and beautician businesses - when times get tough their trade improves. People veto big purchases and instead go for the grog, a new do or a pedicure. Apparently.

I can't tell you how I YEARN to live somewhere where a coat would be required. We had our 20 year school reunion recovery picnic yesterday and it was THIRTY degrees (Celsius of course). THIRTY. So much sweaty angst.

I think your father and I must be cut from the same cloth as I am always saying - but where would we keep THAT?

I'm with K - that light fixture merely looks like an excuse to regularly have to call upon the local fire brigade. FIRE. HAZARD.

As you were.
Anonymous said…
[plaintively] What is a flat coat? One w/o insulation? In my part of the world, that translates to "will not keep me warm in winter".
Ali said…
I was confused about two things 'flat coat' and 'glowing breast'. Thankfully, I am now clear on at least one!
jordi said…
Oh God, I have the mate to that breast and a "third" in my hall and have hated them since the moment I moved in. I got a huge not round, ovate paper filagree shade at Pearl River and today at Home Depot (while I am dropping names) got the requirements to convert it to a hanging lamp. Now all I need to do is conquer my fear of ladders and electricity and I am ready to go... sigh. This will, however, only work for 1, the other requires more thought.
There are NO easy answers in the whole wide world.
We have the glowing breast with implants in the kitchen. Above the dining room table, I wanted the Pottery Barn light fixture from which one can suspend cards and notes, etc. Mr. Pom nixed it. Just what we need, he said, things dropping onto our food. Hmmpf.
Susie Sunshine said…
I have two breasts! One in my entryway and one in the attached hall.

I hate them and have not yet found something nice, yet non-head bangy for the tall people that live here.

And so the breasts remain..........
kt said…
Yea, verily, the world is full of boob lights. They're here, too. (And if you've seen Ed Wood--and surely you have), you'll notice that one of the planets in the credits seems to be the origin of said evil fixtures.

Thus is my explanation for the continuing steady sale of alcoholic beverages......
Somehow, I didn't picture K with long wavy hair.
Paola said…
Glowing breast ...
K with WAVY LONG hair ...
I need booze NOW (8:44AM) and thankfully I am fully stocked.

Happy All Saints Day everyone!
(It's holiday here...)
Anonymous said…
I was just buying lightbulbs on Wednesday and lusting after a new light fixture while paying for them.
That quote--I agree wholeheartedly and really keep my nose to myself.
Duyvken said…
If you get sconces and keep the breast you'll definitely have to find something phallic. And perhaps suggesting that K's inability to let the dining room nipple go means he has mother issues might irritate him enough to agree to change the light :-)
Of course, he's probably clever enough to see through the pop psychology but the nagging might eventually pay off :-)