It's been a busy week!
Right now, of course, I'm watching the last ten minutes of All My Children. It's pretty much the same as the last time I saw it. I love how, in soap opera world, a woman with 25 year-old children can be having a new baby. 
Here in the real world I've:
- ordered/purchased/found all the components for Youngest's Halloween costume.*
- taken Youngest/had Youngest taken to three doctors appointments.
- gotten my hair cut.**
- had a flu shot.
On the horizon? Basket making for the annual raffle that K's sister runs, dinner with friends and a lovely lunch/afternoon with K to celebrate his birthday.

For now? I've got to throw some laundry in, pick up our room and make an apple pie.

*He's being Icarus!

** My hair stylist's opinion on letting my hair go gray: Do you want to look older? No.  You do NOT. This hair color is perfect for you, you do a fabulous job coloring it and it doesn't cost you a fortune. Not that I don't think you could rock the gray - I just don't see any reason to do it. Sorry if it's a pain the ass, you are gorgeous.


Susie Sunshine said…
I love your stylist.
She is right. s
Save the gray for rocking later, you're still too young and sassy for that shit right now.

(And you ARE gorgeous.)
Badger said…
I am ROCKING THE GREY. Rocking the HELL out of it. Ask anyone!

(I am wearing a kerchief on my head today.)

Still need my flu shot.

But I voted! And bought Halloween candy! Two out of three ain't bad.

OMG my WVW is undismau. Like undismal! But with a u!
Me: I'm thinking of letting the gray grow out.

Mr. Pom: Then wait till I'm dead.

Me: Okay then.
Carol said…
I am thinking of going grey too because of the expense and the PIMA. I pay Mayra to do it every 6 weeks and touch up with my used-to-be-cheap-at-walgreens-but-now-only-found-online-root-touch-up-stuff.

I love the color but hate the time and money. Though my husband says I would be a grey fox, he doesn't get it since he only has the touch of grey in the sideburns.
NorahS said…
I'm with your stylist. I believe her when she says you are gorgeous. I would love to have such a productive day. I did buy Halloween candy, too. Nothing I would be tempted to dig into. I mailed all of that to my daughter at college.
Paola said…
I can testify you are gorgeous too. About the grey? It's really your decision and you're not one who needs wo be told things.
No Sirree no.
So you maybe or maybe not.
And you'd be gorgeous even you'll picked yellow.
Anonymous said…
I really like your hairdresser.
Amy A. said…
He sounds fabulous!