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Here are some photos from helping Middle with his shoot. I just realized I had uploaded them but never
posted about them.


Youngest and I mixed the snow in the lobster pot.


It wasn't as cold as real snow but it was pretty clammy.


They aren't kidding about the whole lasts-for-months thing. This stuff is like the spot from The Cat In The Hat in that it's impossible to really CLEAN up. It's biodegrable, though.


We needed a lot of snow...we made about ten feet of three inch deep snow.



Middle got the shot he needed. The snow? It's in bins in our yard if you need any.


Hilary said…
I love your nails! I saw that style in a magazine not that long ago and have been meaning to do it, but haven’t gone for a mani lately…..
The Coffee Lady said…
This is just fab.
Your family has more fun than anyone I know.

I also noticed your pretty nails in the first shot.
Anonymous said…
Great job on making the snow and polar bear shot so realistic! The bare trees are perfect. (although perhaps not biologically correct -- no deciduous trees in polar bear range, I think)
Anonymous said…
It's like you homeschool without saying so. So. Awesome.
Anonymous said…
That snow looks pretty realistic, actually. The fake bear makes it look pretty real anyway.

Paola said…
You are amazing.