big huge random Monday

Here we go:

Our weekend dinner guests are shopping for a new boat. We very much enjoyed our time on their previous boat and look forward to evening sailing with them in the future. And we think they should get this one.

I don't know. These? I need a pair of platforms for the fall/winter.

While most of the accessories are of ridiculous scale, this sofa is delicious. K mused that Resto seems to only have three fabrics just now: cashmere, linen and leather. What's wrong with that, say I?

Middle and I had a rollicking good time watching this, he in his bed, me in mine, commenting on IM for the last action-packed hour. I'd heartily reccomend it.

Take note. I'd like a pair of these. (Her blog is lovely too.)

We love wooden clothes pins.

I know this may sound silly but, it's almost time for oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal with Golden Syrup.

I am working to convince K that he can make us something like this.

Invictus the poemInvictus the film!

I think dressing as Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween is a brilliant idea. I'm not the first person to think of this.

This wonderfully random piece of trivia from The Royal Tenenbaums from IMDB: The original hawk used to play Mordecai was kidnapped during shooting and held for ransom - production could not wait for him to be returned which is the reason that the bird that appears later in the movie has "more white feathers" - it's a different bird.

Today, my friends, is my dear K's birthday. And I love him one million.


Jen on the Edge said…
Happiest of days to K!
Paola said…
Happy birthday, wonderful K.

I am on my way to wish a happy birthday to my dear friend Bibi who is also celebrating her birthday today.
Amy A. said…
Happy Birthday, K!
RW said…
many happy returns to your K!

those shoes are fantastic. the best I have seen.

love sandra juto.
Badger said…
Happy birthday to K!!
Anonymous said…
Many happy returns to K!
I'm getting a little weak in the knees at the IDEA of a cashmere sofa.
And that's one huge clothespin.
I can get you deer antlers--real ones--if you're inclined to decorate that way. And old barbed wire, too. True story: I've pulled a TON of it out of our woods and my friend Sarah is coming Friday to help me make wreaths out of it. Yes, I've had a tetanus shot recently.
alice c said…
Happy Day K - I hope that good things come your way today.

(I can't believe that you are on your second iPhone - I have only just got over the excitement of the first)
alice c said…
p.s your heels would get wet if it snowed and wet heels are very lowering to the spirit.

(this is clearly NOT a message for K)
alice c said…
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Fannie said…
A. Happy Birthday to K

B. Those shoes could not BE more bb!
Eleanor said…
Happy birthday K, from your Aussie fan-club.
Brigindo said…
Happiest of birthdays K
Anonymous said…
1. I do not care for shoes with open heels and lots of straps like that -- they look too busy to me. otoh, I love the Kirsten woven clog (bottom right photo in the column of photos at right side of screen).

B. $49 for a pair of merino wrist warmers? Sheesh. Send me your wrist measurement and favorite color and I'll knit you a pair for <$10. Merino, baby alpaca, and silk. Cables if you like.

iii. The giant clothes pin is teh awesome!

d. Great light fixture!

V. Do you have the mink coat for costume? It must include a mink coat.
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday K!

And Easter Parade --- thats where that link took me. Really? I guess I may have to see it.
Anonymous said…
thanks everyone!

Scot said…
Happy Birthday K! I hope someone baked you a "cakey looking thing"

That's a great clothes pin.

$1495. for a 5' clock and IT DOESN"T EVEN WORK!?!

Golden syrup? Lyle's Golden Syrup?
Its the best!
Boil down some of those apples, add brown sugar - then cook your oatmeal in it! Sooooo good in cold weather, actually, any weather!
Mary said…
A belated happy birthday to your K.
Anonymous said…
Happiest of Birthdays to your dear K. I am SURE he could make that light fixture!

Happy Birthday, dear K!

Many more with your birdies!
Anonymous said…
I am not a fan of clunky wooden clogs, but paired with those gray tights they are quite adorable.

I prefer my oatmeal with brown sugar and lots of butter. Horribly unhealthy but sooooooo tasty.

And happy birthday, K!