behind me/ahead of me

A quiet week at my office. We are moving toward a couple of big days. One of those days is my Exciting Fall Event for which I will attend a practice session on 11/6. Looking forward.
I worked on a mailing and made a card with the help of my favorite Art Director. Once the rest of the team saw it they wanted it too and now parts of the the company mailing will include this card.
(No, you can't see any of it, for various reasons.)
For various other reasons, I have been forced to purchase a purple top as we all must wear purple one day soon for a photo op. Can you imagine me in something purple? ($12.95 H&M, thankfully.)
I had a lovely lunch with my boss yesterday (two lovely lunches in one week). I'm very lucky and grateful for where I am and what I do. I got misty on the way home.
After a warm week I think fall is finally here. The radiators are clanking and the leaves are turning. Just the way I like it.
I discovered that two skirts I wore every week last year don't fit. I don't think they fit last year either but I tucked big sweaters into them. That won't do this time around so I must make myself figure out some outfits and arrange my closet.
And we must put up The Dead Guy who is our Halloween decoration.
Beyond that, I'm not sure the weekend is going to be especially interesting.
Next week, however, could be very interesting.


Paola said…
Remember when you weren't so sure about going back to work?
I am SO happy to hear you feel so content about where you are and what you do.
It is an extremely important feeling to have.
It balances all your life around it.
The Coffee Lady said…
I love it when it turns properly Autumn too.
Unknown said…
I think you'd look lovely in a deep eggplant-y, aubergine purple.
Amy A. said…
I'm concerned that you are shrinking! Eat some chowder! :)