a beautiful week-end

I realize beautiful is a strong word but the temperature is perfect (I wouldn't mind it a little colder though) and the trees are beginning to turn and the clouds are very nice.
Anyway, yesterday I went out to K's mom's house and worked as hard as I could work, on baskets for the auction. I wanted to put in as much time as I could as I will not be available on the day of the auction as I must attend a rehearsal for The Very Impressive Fall Event. (I haven't figured out exactly how to post regarding The Very Impressive Fall Event with which I am involved, but post I shall!)
Last night, after I got home, we had cheese-steak sandwiches with neighbor-friends and had a lovely time catching up with them.
Today, K and I took the train into town. He had an errand to run at work and we met, afterwards, at the Apple store where we got him a new iPhone for his birthday. That was kind of fun - I played with an iPod, he learned about all the new things his phone can do and then we set off across town.
We window shopped and went in a shoe store to see those boots (which I have now ruled out) and I wore my platform sandals so I could be taller and hang around with him better.
We walked through a couple of my favorite stores and talked about where we buy our lunches (when we buy our lunches) and then went to a wonderful restaurant for lunch. I had a rectangle of brioche french toast with warm apples and brown sugar ice cream for dessert.
Lovely to be alone together.
A mini vacation.
After lunch we did some more browsing and I took a pile of pictures with his new phone which, sadly, got wiped when he hooked the phone up to his computer to sync all the info he had to put on it.
I will tell you that we looked divine.
I was wearing a short black skirt and he was wearing a jacket!
I fell in love with some sofas at Restoration Hardware and we had a great time sitting on them.
We ambled home on the train and he let me play solitaire on the phone.

A beautiful weekend, I'm telling you.


RW said…
That sounded just lovely and right.
Scot said…
Sounds to me like you're dating your husband. Good for [both] you.
That's pretty much what the "empty nest" is like when you are still in love with your spouse.
Anonymous said…
It sounds like you're dating each other--and that sounds lovely.