In Tuvalu we wait.
8 miners are safe as of 6:13am.
8 reunions.
A long day ahead.
"Everyone is healthy and happy."


Crazy Mom! said…
I've been watching in amazement - it's quite miraculous!
I watched until 1am, and got up again at 7:30 to watch more.

I wondered what they were thinking as they came up.
NorahS said…
Yay! I love it/hate it when the morning news makes me cry.
RW said…
we are up to 12 now. amazing.
Anonymous said…
SUCH an inspiring story.
Anonymous said…
It is taking such a long time!
Anonymous said…
I heard they are all out now. What the heck!

Paola said…
Last night I was up until they brought up the 27th, it was 12:10AM here.
What an amazing spectacular job they did.
Now I wonder who's going to go back in the mines to work ... will they?