10 fabulous finds...

...at the Japanese grocery store.

1. Worried about your child's grades at school? Try KEEPAN A.
keep an a
KEEPAN A promises to hold your child's spelling and math scores at 90% or better!

2.Step Up.
step up

3. We all could use a little Tact sometime, don't you think? Use Tact cream and never put your foot in your mouth again.

4. Access? Ace-es? Aces? It's toothpaste.

5. Sometimes I NEED lacey, cotton, white armwarmers. Really. Like, uh, when I'm driving my convertible and it's not really warm enough but it's not cold enough for a coat. So, like, 63 degrees.
arm warmers

6. They were with the scrubbers and sponges. I don't know. For scrubbing really hot pans?

7. I really wanted this little bin. It's for keeping all those tiny things in your fridge.
I don't have any tiny things in my fridge.

8. Why are Japanese containers so much nicer than OUR containers?

9. The sweetest miniature laundry basket.

10. I could use this Rub Wash.
rub wash

We bought rice crackers!


I have SO MANY teeny tiny things in my fridge. Every time I open the door I get a landslide on my feet...ginger root, tube of wasabi, garlic clove, vials of insulin! I need one fo those cute little containers.
Amy A. said…
I love the Japanese store. Our is an hour away, though!
Anonymous said…
Someone else already said this, but the for-teeny-things fridge container would be perfect for insulin vials. And eye drops and ginger root.
Soft Rock Mama said…
A Japanese grocery store!?!
We have ethnic sections in our store.
Not ethnic stores.
How fun.
alice c said…
The miniature laundry basket would be perfect for thongs. Is that lowering the tone slightly? I can talk about fridge storage if you would prefer.
Anonymous said…
I need the KeepanA for my oldest.
Paola said…
LOL @ Alice! And she's right too.