weekend surfing*

I had a Shoe Crisis.
Une crise de chaussure!
Did I already tell you about this?
I've worn my delicious black ballet flats to shreds, my Palladium sneakers are white, my adorable boots from AllSaints wear my feet to shreds and I walk two miles a day.
What to do?!
First: stare at thousands of shoes on the internet.
Determine the needs - black, nothing ridiculous, platform/wedge or flat - no heels.

bow boots
Pretty. Maybe too. Do they scream Victorian Dress-Up party?
with zippers

I hadn't realized that they show you both boots when the left and right are each over $500.

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Speaking of over $500...


I'll have one winning lottery ticket and a pair of these in 6.5, please.

You'll probably be ashamed of me finally choosing something so mundane after showing you such lovely things, but the truth of it is, my Palladiums served me so well and were cheap.


Two miles is a long way in shoes that pinch.

What else did I see whilst shoe shopping?

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Wonderful nail polish.
(I can only think
Roy G. Biv. Am I supposed to?)
(The Chanel Fairy sent me a package of gorgeous colors.)


I've always liked Built By Wendy but had no idea their dresses were $300.

woeful anorak

Oh, such a woeful-looking anorak. And I could use an anorak. But this one is so very sad.

pocket dress

I'm all in for stripes. This one is nice but my wide strip H&M ($12.95!) is nicer.

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I exchanged the jeggings with the waistband at my bra and gotthetightones. And now I look like she does.

I did not take this picture

It was a tornado. Two, in fact. One where we were and one at the other end of town.

from aardvark

Nice manifesto, Aardvark.
Nice manifesto.


Jen said…
Those second last ones? Bee-yoo-tiful
KPB said…
1. Well thank goodness your 'thing' with orthotic shoes seems to have passed.

2. That is one sad anorak and why are all models so slouchy? Is it that they're so thin they can't hold up their own weight? That they're so hungry they're about to collapse?

3. Nailpolish makes my fingers panicky and unable to breath. No really. It does.

4. That photo made me all panicky someone was in that car when the tree fell on it.

5. I hate being told what to do. Even if it is kinda cool.
The Coffee Lady said…
Can you really buy just one pricey shoe?
Hilary said…
I can spend hours staring at shoes on the internet. The other day, I finally decided to use a zappo’s gift card that I was saving. 3 hours and about a million exclamations of, “OMG, that is the most beautiful shoe I have ever seen!” I settled on two pairs (one I needed and the other an impulse purchase). I ended up only keeping the impulse one…
Paola said…
I really like those Palladiums.
Chanel fairy, you lucky gal.
Yes, I've heard as well it was two tornados. Scary.
Anonymous said…
Shoe shopping can be SO HARD. And you have a crisis--yipes!
It was a tornado? I'll have to tell D, I told him all about your post and the video.
I agree, nice manifesto.
Amy A. said…
The black palladiums are cute! But suppose you have a business meeting and you are wearing a suit. Do you wear them until you get to work and switch out, or do people wear their walking shoes all day there? Always have been curious about that.

Also, I would have to build my whole wardrobe around my shoes. Do you?
Ann said…
Love Built By Wendy! bb, you might like this podcast with Wendy - so enjoyable I listened to it a second time.