they were ospreys

I haven't mentioned the hawks in a while.
They've left their nest. Abandoned it just before that huge storm.
Some in our house believe they abandoned it during the storm, but I hadn't heard their incessant screeching for a while before it, so I am right. (As usual.)

Yesterday morning we awoke to that beeping sound that trucks employ when reversing. It was 7:48am.
It was continuous until 9ish when Oldest came upstairs to say: do you think there is a switch on that truck so they can shut that sound off?
We laughed a little about it going all afternoon but we went about our business, joked about it at dinner and then, at 7:30, Oldest said: This is nuts! and I agreed.
I had thought they were paving the parking area of the police department around the corner from us. That's where the nest is, at the top of the cell tower in the police department.
I'd had just enough wine to be brave and off I went.
(I needed a driver's manual for Youngest too.)

I got myself buzzed into the building and went to the window.
I have two questions, I said, now nervous around four policemen.
Yes ma'am? (Only policemen can call me ma'am and get away with it.)
Now feeling a little more shy...are there any driver's manuals? There are none out here.
I'll go have a look in the back, said the big one.
And the second question? asked the bigger one.
Are you guys having work done in the back? There's this noise...
Yes ma'am, they're dismantling the osprey nest as it's been abandoned.
Oh! Ospreys! My gosh they were so loud!
Yes ma'am, but they're gone now so we're removing the nest.
Did they leave because of the storm?
No ma'am, they had left some time before that. You are very patient, they'll be working until eight and then half a day tomorrow.

I looked around the back of the building as I left and there they were - four guys and a huge scissor lift - which beeped every time it went up or down.
Those birds were here last year too but I don't remember them dismantling the nest.

I can only imagine what neighborhood noise will possess me next.


LK said…
The ospreys will often reuse the same nest each year... perhaps someone at the police department realized that...
KPB said…
Hey I'm liking the font change.

And what if those birds come back next year and their nest has gone???

And how hilarious it was outside the cell block - imagine some guy thrown in the lock up due to being drunk and disorderly and then waking up with a killer hangover and that fekkin chirp chirp chirping going on. Hahahaha.

I may just start calling you Mrs Jessop.

No horses?
Paola said…
A smaller font. Are you testing our eye sight?
Gosh do I remember that police station. That's where I pulled in thinking it was your home!
Anonymous said…
Paola, stop rubbing it in that you have visited bb. AND her friendly police station.


: ) No offense to Paula. I'm just envious. Scoring an invite to bb's home is a long-term goal of mine.