What people younger than we are talk about: Glee, Mad Men, musical performers I have never heard of.

What people older than we are talk about: their teeth, not being able to sleep, musical performers I have never heard of.

Here's a pretty-looking commercial for Anthro. Have a look and then let's talk.

A couple of things bother me about this little film.
I think it's mostly that I feel boxed so tightly in their demographic when I watch it. It makes me feel a bit like a foregone conclusion. The Amelie-esque music, the fact that the actress is not 20 - or even 30 and the outfit she starts out in has me picturing the concept meeting. I'm always picturing the concept meeting. In this one the writer/director says: We'll have her reminiscing, and she'll talk about things that make women want to shop at Anthropologie...and we'll have spoons hanging in trees, they love seeing stuff hanging in Anthropologie, and we'll have that plinky Amelie music! And everyone nods and smiles and people rush off to find the right spoons to hang in the trees. And they make sure that the actress has a slightly crinkly face and wispy hair. The voice-over has the merest hint of an accent that's difficult to place and speaks of the cosiness we've lost over the years and my father lifting me up high on his horse?
Now I'm aggravated.


KPB said…

I have a few issues with this little film too.

Dirt between your toes.
That dress would so scrag on the bark of that tree.
Why the fuck is that table and chairs in the middle of a creek?
Soggy toes.

People do like to see things hanging in anthropologie though.

And plinky music.
The Coffee Lady said…
All I can think on watching that is that she must be freezing.

She has her feet in a fucking stream.
alice c said…
Oy - I talk about Mad Men so that means I fall into the Young People category! I call that a result for a Monday morning.
Crazy Mom! said…
I guess I'm younger too - I love Glee and Mad Men. But I think you and I are the same age. I may be a year older...
Not a fan of Anthro stuff, personal taste difference, that's all
Lucille said…
Gawd. And that hard on the heels of seeing Eat Pray Love. I must go and clean the pan I burnt apples in, to purge it all.
Anonymous said…

It reminds me of Julie Hagerty in Airplane! I keep waiting for Leslie Nielson to emerge from the brook.

Paola said…
hmmm ... you ate my comment ...
And I'll tell you again that apparently I am younger (I watch Glee) and older (I always talk about my sleep) at the same time.
Is that good?
Angela said…
I couldn't stop screaming, "No! Don't drink the TEA!!!" Yeah. I remember when my dad lifted me high on his horse. And by "horse" I mean "ancient Ford truck that broke down a lot". Spoons in trees. Harumph.
Jen said…
Oi with the bloody horses already. I mean seriously. Should we be grateful one didn't wander past in the stream? I don't think we have Anthropologie in the UK, if we do, it's not near me, but this ad makes me never want to shop there.
Poppy B. said…
Obviously, the answer to a woman's midlife crisis is to fill her house with random bits of overpriced crappe.
Jen said…
That's no accent--that's a very bad Audrey Hepburn impression. I, too, was jarred right out of the ad by the notion of grated apples. Really large grater holes? Very dry and hard apples?
Scot said…
I tried to watch Glee once, it's just too obnixious for me. Mad Men is OK. The red head in the bullet bra sends me. I'll talk about Joni Mitchell anytime you want. She still rules!
The little moose on the table is actually a creamer. Tip him and cream comes out of his mouth. I think I've had him for years and don't remember ever using him.
Anonymous said…
I watch Mad Men. I shop at Anthro, but can't really afford it. So I watch Glee and be thankful that high school is long gone while I worry that I'm staying up too late.

Anonymous said…
OH MY GOD. I just watched that video and now I am all pissed off. So contrived! So pretensious! (sp?) NOT EVEN THE LEAST BIT GOOD OR INTERESTING AT ALL.

I hereby challenge Middle to do a better Anthro-style commercial and for you to post it here. And no faces! I don't want to see any full-on faces.

Caset said…
Somehow, what works in stills does not work in motion. I love the things-in-trees images; I do not love the woman-child batting at them. If nothing else, it makes me realize how ridiculous the photos are if thought through.
That said, I miss Anthropologie. I could really do with one of their sale racks right about now.
Caterina said…
Hmmm, I wake up with my hair looking like that and I think "what a mess!" I mean, didn't it look kinda messy?