Members of the Old Tribe venture out to look for food where the howler monkeys eat. Jimmy The Coach becomes a monkey whisperer and makes friends with the monkeys. But some tribe members aren't so captivated by his presence. Fish are caught but arguments are made for letting him go. The beaches sure are nice.

At the Young Tribe dudes are getting "tingly" whilst making fire. Fabio tells us...wait...what's he telling us? What a dope. Some are not amused.

The Old Tribe eat their rice and learn about the found Immunity Idol. Jimmy T is pleased and cheers Marty on. Tyrone doesn't trust Marty but Jimmy T continues to cheer for him. I'm not so convinced though, as Marty tells us that the Idol can only belong to one person.
The team is wet, cold, tired and hungry. At least Danny is. (Is that his name?)

The Young team are hanging out on the beach. Alina feels like she is in a bad position, with Kelly B (and her prosthetic leg).
I don't know who any of these people are.
Naonka I know.

Tie for a challenge!
Race out into a field to retrieve barrels, toss sand bags into the barrels (10) and win.
The reward? Sauces, spices, fruit and herb plants.
The Young team vote not to use the Medallion of Power and the race is on.
Barrels must be rolled over all kinds of terrain.
It's pretty even.
The barrels are set and the teams start tossing bags.
Still pretty even.
The Older Team pull ahead!
The Younger team tie it up, and pull ahead and win.
They pick up the reward and Kelly B and Nay find the next clue in the basket and wrestle for it back at camp. AND she smushed the bananas.
We don't like Naonka very much - though we do understand competitive spirit.
She's not going to be nice to someone just because they have one leg!
Nay shows the clue to Brenda and they work on it together.

At the Older camp Jill recaps for us. The Other Jimmy feels like his talents are being wasted. He makes a good case. Tyrone defends his actions in the challenge. Coach Jimmy explains his choices. Marty is looking forward to Tribal Council.

Suddenly, I realize three things:
too many clues
no Exile Island
I hate the Medallion of Power

Marty is worried about Jimmy the Coach and wants to remove him. He starts to spread the word. Jill thinks Danny, Coach and Marty all all equal threats. Dan feels it's between him and the Coach. Marty agrees. It looks like a sweep. The two blond women at the campfire appear to be interchangeable. One of them is Jane and she doesn't want Dan or Coach to go. (As an aside, I'd mention that these over-40 ladies are in great shape.) Tyrone isn't sure he'd vote for Coach.

At Tribal Council Jeff asks Marty what happened. He talks to The Other Jimmy. It's been a week and Jimmy explains that he has wasted his time. Coach Jimmy talks about what he does for the team. But are the two Jimmys friends? Not really. There is some conversation about Dan's abilities. Then Coach Jimmy says that he is one of the weakest players.
They vote.
Coach Jimmy goes home. We aren't surprised. Win a million bucks he tells them as he leaves.
Can they?


Anonymous said…
Eek, I haven't watched it yet, since the Survivor gathering is going to occur on Thursdays at our house this season (thank you, DVR). But I have an urelated comment for you. I just received a new Anthropologie catalog, and there is not a horse in sight! Just gorgeous art and architecture, and such pretty clothes and shoes. I did spot a rabbit, but in the form of a black ceramic lamp, so they may have left the equine theme behind already. Hooray!

Priscilla said…
Poor Jimmy. I liked him.

Monkey Whisperer hahahahaha.

Oh and someone should snip off one of Naonka legs, lets see her then. She be all 'Lord! What was I suppose to do! I only got one leg!!'

There's always a Naonka on the island.
Anonymous said…
Priscilla looks a lot like Meg Ryan. :)

Shoot, we ended up not watching it last night--travesty!--but I just read your recap and now I am thinking I don't have to. Thanks!