What a week. You wouldn't think I'd be complaining on a Wednesday night, but you'd be wrong.
I'm complaining!
On the other hand, I'm in the early planning stages of my company's holiday party, which we are calling The Winter Solstice Party, and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

My mom brought home-made chicken soup, we had some of K's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Ice Cream and we settled in to watch...

I'm sorry, I'm always going to laugh at The Medallion Of Power.
Jimmy Johnson already seems like a cliche.
I'm awfully glad Wendy went home.

It's night three.
Holly feels like she's on the outs.
I think that's the least of her problems. She obviously has some kind of social ineptitude. Is that a word? Ineptitude?

The Old People aren't sleeping. I wouldn't sleep and I think I've pointed out that I'd be on the Old Team. They try to organize and build a new shelter. Coach gives them assignments and three people want to go fishing. Jimmy T. resents Coach Jimmy's direction.

On the Young Team Sash has a lovely smile. At least that's what we are told. Will the "Asian Sensation" bond with the others? What happens if Kelly B's leg falls off, a teammate asks.

On the Old Team there's a rift over eating snails. One team member fills another person's shoes with sand and drowns them.
The next morning Dan's alligator shoes are missing. He tells everyone and they all act shocked.
Holly confesses and everyone realizes how crazy she is.

Day five for the Young Tribe and Naokona is missing a sock - after telling everyone and raising a stink, she takes "Fabio's" socks. And it's all good because she "doesn't like him." Much discord at their camp.

Holly and the Coach Jimmy talk about her leaving the game. She breaks down but Coach Jimmy works to get her through it. He tells her the team needs her and she buys it.

Time for a challenge! In mud!
Race through the mud into hay, looking for a ball. Find all four balls and then bounce them into a barrel. They play for a reward: tarp and rope or fishing gear. Worth playing for?
The Medallion of Power team will start with one ball already found and one person sitting out.
The Old Team use the Medallion and the Young team sit someone out as they have more players.
Dan sits out...and they start squirming through the mud.
The Younger tribe has a slight lead. The artificial leg does not hold Kelly back!
The Older Tribe falls behind!
They catch up!
Balls are being bounced into barrels and it's hard to tell who is ahead.
It's raining. We are under a severe storm warning and, after last week's weather events we are wary!
The Older Tribe wins!
Do they want a tarp or fishing gear? Fishing gear wins.

The Old Team rejoice. Holly is so glad she didn't leave and the team hopes she'll keep it together. They inspect their fishing gear and find a clue for a hidden Immunity Idol. They work to solve the clue and start digging. Jill figures out the clue pretty quickly and gives the info to Marty. Marty and Jill find the idol.

At the Young Camp Nay is amazed that Kelly B. did not use her fake leg to her advantage. Some people are flirting. Some people are swimming. Some people are wearing those damn high socks. WHY?
Shannon is annoyed by Jason - and Brenda too. There are alliances I can't even understand but two guys seem to think Brenda should go home. Who IS Brenda? Chase is caught between two alliances and I don't know who Chase IS.
Naonka wants Fabio out and Shannon out more. I can't understand these girls - they seem to be speaking in text message. Sounds like Shannon is going home.
I have to tell you, it's way too early for me to know people's names. Chase(?) wants to keep the girl in the yellow bikini. But the yellow trunks guy says nothing is what it seems. I haven't a clue what's going on.
They go to Tribal Council.
Jeff welcomes them and asks Shannon how hard it is.
He says it's hard and talks about his teammates very frankly - Chase and Brenda.
There's arguing and accusations. And it's so early. For me, this spells way too much drama way early, and Jeff sees it too.
Shannon starts asking team members if they trust him and gets himself into trouble. It gets ugly. People! IT GETS UGLY.
It's so early for people to bicker like this and it really makes me wonder about 20-somethings and how they react in a situation like this. Kelly B. says she'll base her vote on how to help her tribe the most. All I know is that they'd better get rid of someone. The tribe is a mess.
Who goes home? Shannon. Which is fine because Shannon is not the name of a GUY.
(The truth of it is, he dug his own grave at Tribal.)


Paola said…
I'm back to my "Survivor routine Thursdays" ... read the first couple of lines and then skip to comments ...
THat ice cream sounds yummy.
Hi K!
Tracey said…
Two weeks and two people digging their own graves at Tribal. Makes it so fun to watch them implode. But I agree it is too early for all this craziness. And there haven't even had the required crazy rainstorm yet.