We're waiting for a huge storm but I don't think it's going to hit.
We drove over to the ocean this morning and there was some surf and the beach was closed and I suppose the waves were relatively impressive but it wasn't like that day in Truro.
I'm watching Stripes. I don't think I've seen Stripes since, at least, 1990.
The big boys are working all weekend at The Regional Hot Wings Festival. Middle is shooting and Oldest is lifting/hauling for a friend of ours who is competing while K and I are home awaiting the wash-out with Youngest.
Youngest starts school later next week and has ordered a slew of fashionable items (waistcoats!) as his back-to-school wardrobe. After the beach today, I took him to Target for underwear and socks and so the school year can now begin.
I'm still digging out from holiday laundry and picked up a white shirt today that was yellowed around the cuffs and collar. I took a sniff to see if it was clean and stained or dirty and stained and got a whiff of sunblock, one of my favorite scents.
I've got a long weekend ahead of me, my jeans feel a little tight and I'm watching an old movie.

What are you up to?


Lauri said…
Sunblock is one of my favorite scents as well....but...removing said yellow stains has proven to be you do anything special to get them out? My daughter has a white tank top (soooo cute) that has yellow stains from wearing it to the beach also - any help would be appreciated.....Love reading your blog...
Hilary said…
I just walked down to the beach, and the waves are strong, but not crazy. I have definitely seen much, much worse. I think it because the wind is coming from the opposite direction, and is holding them back. The scary thing is the tide came half way up the beach, which I never have seen. But, all in all, I think we got lucky, and the storm will not hit!
Anonymous said…
Stripes! Love Bill Murray in Stripes. He's so attractive, especially when he so nonchalantly yet expertly leads the troop in their drill after rehearsing all night. Also doesn't he say "Who's your daddy?" in that movie, wielding a spatula, maybe?

I digress.

Our kiddo begins kindergarten on the 8th. Kindergarten! So this weekend, I am up to being emotional about that. And buying clothes and other back-to-school things for him.

Lover Lady said…
Errands today and tomorrow...buying hair gel, new undies, and such.

Sunday, a family reunion (though all I really want to do is nap all day).

Monday, say goodbye to summer by ripping out the veggie garden and then by the pool with a good friend and a cool drink.
blackbird said…
Hmmm, strangely, I left a comment and it is not here!
I soak things in Clorox, Lauri, though I am not an especially good laundress, so I warn that my tip may be useless.

Hilary: storm, dodged!

JB: Kindergarten! Time flies!

oooh, bunny, I'm itching for a pool...
Paola said…
Yesterday we took dad's car (our JEEP is parked in the garden this year for the summer!) and went to the mall (you know the one 2 hours away from here) to buy school stuff and other items Fabio needed. School starts on Sept 15th here, and it'll be darn hot but that's that.
Working and going crazy is what I am doing.
Apparently I'm buying a new coffeemaker this weekend. RIP Mr Coffee. He died during the night.

I'm reading and watching all my DVR'd episodes of Memphis Beat.

Every time someone in our house is holding a spatula, someone else gets the "Aunt Jemima Treatment"
RW said…
well due to strange turn of events... we are going to my son's football game.

at the 11th hour ... he joined the team - got suited up last night and we are off to play ball in a few hours.

we are dropping off the waivers and medical forms on the way to the game.