The hawks! Can someone google it and tell me how long it takes for them to mature and leave the nest?

It was 65 degrees on Sunday morning when I woke up. I was so chilled that I was dreaming I was making Shepherd's Pie. I was pretty happy.

I'd like something cozy like this to wear on the mornings when it's 65 degrees. It's a baby set.


With these slippers.

Anyway, on to random...

Sent by my dear friend B:

Sent by my dear brother B:

(annoying ad, yes?)

In other news: K and Middle have hit the Star Wars Uncut Top 50. And, yes, members of our family appear in several shots. (And good luck finding us, it's a quagmire.)

And speaking of watching great stuff (nice work, eh?), you ought to have a look at the Arcade Fire video for We Used To Wait.

wilderness downtown


My passion for all things linen continues.


And I'm laughing as I have NO CLUE where I saw these pillows. I'm an oaf.
Disappointing as I'd like to update our couch a little...


can you see K rolling his eyes?
Oh, pillows...I luff them. But not the Chillow!

I think I need to drag my old suitcases back out to the living room too.
Finally, I'd like this table -

<span class=

what? It seats up to 10 and the extra leaves slide under the table top for storage.


Paola said…
I really like that bird shot.
jo said…
We have to of those Bursta tables at work. I love them! HUGE when all the leaves are in. They come in different sizes so I'm not sure what one you were looking at, but tomorrow we are siting 28 people around the 2 of them.
Thanks for the Hugh. Pfffff cinq.
MsCellania said…
That suitcase look works in all kinds of places - for end tables, for night stands, just for storage tucked in a corner. I have them used for storage in the living room.
Wendy said…
Go to Hanna Andersson's women's section for your jammie set. You can even have stripes! But not black, sorry.
tut-tut said…
hello, bb! just dropped off for her first year at college. And you?
blackbird said…
And me? I got ONE off to school!
Only one left!
Fannie said…
If it is any consolation our "hawklets" were loudest just before they departed the nest. Perhaps yours are on their way?
alice c said…
They come back. Trust me.