I have to tell someone.
Yesterday, I:

Gathered all the props from Middle's shoot and boxed them up. Tidied his room (threw out the trash and collected the laundry) and vacuumed (he was away for the weekend).

Cleaned the kitchen.

Vacuumed the downstairs.

Re-arranged the living room furniture, dusted and polished the wood. Deodorized the carpet.

Threw away five large bags of trash from Youngest's room (with his help) and vacuumed and dusted. We cleared the desk and arranged his things there.

Today, I tackle our room.


Just stop. Yawn. I'm too lazy.
Jen on the Edge said…
It must have been something in the air, because I was on a cleaning tear too. However, it sounds like you accomplished way more than I did. :-)
Must be fall cleaning.
The Coffee Lady said…
Are you taking some kind of drugs?
eurolush said…
When you're finished with your bedroom, I've got a few things here you can tackle.

Plane ticket on the way.
Paola said…
Ah and don't you feel GREAT afterwords? I mean after you have recovered from the tiredness and can actually SEE all you've accomplished?
It's a joy. How much that lasts is a whole other issue though.
RW said…
That is awesome. I love days like that.
Creating new spaces.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like an excellent opportunity for some before and after photos! Maybe if we are lucky.

Crazy Mom! said…

I am really impressed. Do you travel? Do you do windows?
alice c said…
AND you emailed me. What are you? Superwoman?
Unknown said…
Would you mind stopping by my place when you're done at Eurolush's? I could use your positive influence out in Seattle, too.
Anonymous said…
Giving you an "atta girl" AND a gold star sticker.