look, I love me a canvas bag

but these have got to be the most pretentious canvas bags I have ever seen.

That's not just French lettering, it actually SAYS FRANCE.
These bags have a simulated patina of Old French Dirt.
I can hardly bear it!

tarp bag

I can't help it. Just imagining Artisan David Thompson collecting vintage French tarpaulins and fashioning them into laundry hampers so WE can purchase them at Restoration Hardware reduces me to giggles. And I'm not a giggler.

We used Restoration Hardware fixtures when we remodeled our loo but, I'm afraid, that scrolling down and seeing products like the Artisan Leather Waste Basket and the 1930's Solid Wood Airplane Propeller had me cringing. To the tune of $1500.00.
I cannot even begin to tell you how dismayed I am to see this. I've always loved rope and now I can never use it, decoratively, again.


--V said…
Advertisers toss around the word "artisan" so much, I'm beginning to forget what it means. And now? They're starting to apply a similar word to things that can't possibly be hand-crafted. I ran across bagged salad greens that call themselves "artisanal." What the what?
KPB said…
1. How the fuck can a bag MADE FROM CANVAS only be spot cleaned???

2. How the HELL can you buy rope that is DECORATIVE only? HOW? HOW????

I half expect that place to have beds that are 'just for display' or umbrellas not designed to get wet.

3. The idea of you giggling kind of unnerves me.
We could always use the rope to strangle Artisan David Thompson
Poppy B. said…
I was trying out sofas at Crate & Barrel the other day and bonded with a complete stranger over our distaste for Restoration Hardware's new direction. Recycled wood? A world of beige? Chandeliers made of old oak wine barrels? (Both recycled and beige?) Those are bad enough. But the objets really kill me. The $2,000 binoculars. The carved wooden spheres. The cast resin animal skulls, for that Georgia O'Keeffe touch, only mass produced.

Think about it. Mass produced skulls. It makes no sense.

I really, really hope this stuff is bombing.
Anonymous said…
Sheesh. You want authentic? I'll give you authentic! We find animal skulls and bones, old rope, beat up metal and barbed wire out here ALL THE TIME. I should set up shop...
Amy A. said…
I wonder if they smell like cardamom. And if they are from India, why do they say "France"?
Anonymous said…
Your post and the comments have ME giggling. Seriously, WTF? RH needs to get over itself. J Crew, too. No need to get all fancy with the super high-end items. Need I remind them that they are CHAIN stores...found in MALLS?

If you want to buy a $89 piece of - decorative purposes only - rope, I got a bridge I can sell ya.

Seriously, I have had it up to here with 1)burlap 2)stenciled burlap.
Mary said…
To Amy A. Exactly what I was thinking. Presumably they would not have the same appeal (!) if they were stamped India.
Caterina said…
Hmmmm, $89 rope.

I'm thinking Home Depot might have it cheaper ;)

I have a shower curtain from Restoration Hardware that was really, really, really reduced. That's my whole experience with them.
Adriana said…
As a former employee of Restoration Hardware, I completely agree with you.
BC Island Mom said…
Being from a small town in Western Canada I had my first visit to RH last week in Seattle. Less than expected is all I can say. Did not see any rope though. Maybe someone took it to tie up their boat?
Caset said…
Their first store was in my hometown; they shut it down this past year or so. Pretty much when the wackness with propellers etc seems to have started. What can I say? Without the leadership of small town hippie California, they have nowhere to go but down. Into artisan canvas trashbags.
Scot said…
...and I bet they don't even have crotch sniffing eagle heads!

Just what about that font makes it french?