As I've mentioned, I've switched my default browser to Chrome. I'm feeling very new-fangled about it even though using my bookmarks is a little wonky. It's fast though.
A couple of days after I did that I clicked onto my Bloglines page and read that Bloglines is shutting down. Bummer. So, I did what one does. I switched to Google Reader.
One of the cool (ack..."bummer" and "cool" in the same paragraph) things about Google Reader is that they recommend sites to me based on my reading pattern and some of those sites are fun!

Would you like some peach shortbread? I might.

Have I already shown you the Heavy Bicycle Loads pictures? Google just showed them to me.

Sometimes I think the bento people have a little too much time on their hands.
On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with precision.

I firmly believe that the internet is responsible for random acts of public wonderfulness.

I showed this to Youngest. I forbade him from duplicating ANY OF IT, but I showed it to him.


Rose said…
The peach shortbread is a definite yes. I made it three times last weekend, to acclaim from all who sampled it.

I too am a Bloglines user, but I'm not crazy about putting my feeds in Google's hands. They've already got my e-mail and I'm thinking I'd like to keep something of my online experience out of their clutches. The list of online aggregators is short though. Not sure there's an alternative that's up to the task.
Jen said…
Since you're linkclicking, could you click on me and offer advice? As a mum of kids older than mine whose opinions I have respected? Http://
Thx, jen
Paola said…
I am impressed (to say the least) by those kids. How in the world do they do it!
RW said…
I just don't get the free running thing.

I love Smitten Kitchen. She had some chocolate cake posted there that was super yummy.

How did the Jeggings debut go?
Anonymous said…
You find the best links.
Caset said…
I'll support that peach shortbread, too! It looks like a cobbler, tastes like a lovely light shortbread, and was gobbled up by all. And easy peasy!
alice c said… running...I KNOW those places and in my day they used to climb at night. What is the world coming too?