What I'd like to do:

Organize the drawers in our room - refold things and tidy up.
Put the warm weather clothing in the back of the closet/lower drawers.
Fix the clutter on the shelves.
Vacuum the edges of the roof window.
Figure out what the problem is with the window frame.
Deal with that pile of things in the corner.
Find my seam ripper.
Put away the canvas bags.
Have those sandals repaired.
Clear off Youngest's desk.
Get rid of ten things in the basement.
Wash the kitchen floor.
Organize the fridge.
See if I'm eligible for a new cell phone.
Test that paint for the front door.
Clear the cobwebs from the front porch.
Sweep the kitchen doorway.
Vacuum the sand out of my car.
Deal with my Shuffle.
Arrange the mantle.
Change the curtains on the front door.
Clear out the downstairs closets.

What I've done:
Switched my default browser.


I hope that's a September To-do list and not a Labor Day Weekend To-do list.

I'm with you on "organize the fridge"
smalltownme said…
Something is better than nothing.
Ali said…
Snort. I am trying to motivate myself by reading one blog post for every element of tidying the disaster zone under the stairs. You represent put outgrown rugby boots in the charity donation bag. Thank you!
RW said…
You gotta start somewhere.
pomomama said…
oh yes - looks a lot like my "to do" and "accomplished" lists

The Coffee Lady said…
Now just looking at that is making me tired.
Yes, after my own fantasy weekend list, my most pleasurable accomplishment has been the hot dog from the roadside stand for Saturday night supper and the afternoon novel reading, which quickly morphed into the afternoon nap.

The trip to Ikea - oy, marital stress!
Susie Sunshine said…
I'd work on the fridge, front door, and porch if K makes dinner and the sandy jeep after another trip to the ocean!
Scot said…
Every Labor Day Weekend Colorado Springs has a hot air balloon festival, weather permitting. "Balloon Glows" at night, lift offs in the morning. The VERY EARY morning. Usually at 6:30 AM. Since the park is about 2 blocks from my house, and parking is a problem, we gather at here for a VERY EARLY breakfast and walk over to the park.
There's nothing quite like making breakfast for a dozen or so people at 4:00 in the morning. French toast and breakfast burritos, incase you were wondering.
Of course there's also nothing like watching 66 hot air balloons lifting off, all within an hour of sunrise.
With Pikes Peak in the background, it's a sight to behold. Beautiful, simply beautiful.
It's a very carnival atmosphere - complete with FUNNEL CAKES!
And bealieve me when I tell you, after getting home, post balloon festival, I haven't done a damn thing!
Scot said…
Go here and check out some of the pictures from last year.
Paola said…
So which colour are you testing for the front door? Red???
Miz S said…
The fridge is on my list, too. It's a disgrace.
Fannie said…
Ah, but at least you have goals!
alice c said…
I am slightly shocked that your fridge is not organised already. What about the west cheese drawer?