I know

What do you want me to say?
I was on vacation (in one place or another [too lazy to link] for most of August) and now it's September and I'm getting MY ASS KICKED.
I'm incredibly busy at work (which I like very much) and my life at home is nearly as complicated!
I did manage to make a lovely Ginger Chicken this evening, and my family are all well, but I'm treading water over here!

The weather has turned and it's cool and dark in the morning.
My delicious AllSaints boots have given me terrible blisters (can you believe it?) and I WILL NOT wear my incredibly comfortable white sneakers as they are no longer IN SEASON.
Trivial though this may be, I find the wearing of linen/ white intolerable during this time of year. Sadly, I fear I will be forced to wear some sort of clog or mule tomorrow to work.
Woe is me.

Fortunately, for my continuing mental well-being (is that hyphenated?), Youngest has had a successful first few days of school. Though I have had some angst over Middle not returning to university I am attempting to divert myself with his pleasure over having purchased an iPhone - AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE iPHONES.

My mom came for dinner (the aforementioned Ginger Chicken) this evening. I hadn't seen her for a few weeks. She picked me up at the train station...
My boots have given me awful blisters, I said, pointing out my terribly chic slouchy new boots.
Really? she said, with a mild look of disdain. And they aren't especially attractive either - what WILL you do?
I do appreciate her candor.
Next week (on Wednesday) she'll bring a brisket and we'll watch the opening of Survivor.

One final note: this

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is truly wonderful.
But pace yourself, two squares at a time are sufficient.


Crazy Mom! said…
There is a wonderful chocolate with hot pepper - delicious

Moe has been in school for over a month now.
Crazy Mom! said…
Badger said…
I have been eating that exact chocolate! My brother is in town and we are having brisket on Saturday. I may watch this season of Survivor if someone can promise me that Russell won't be on it.
Anonymous said…
blisters are caused by one of two things. Moisture, and movement. Clearly it's not moisture, unless you neglected to mention walking through the trenches at work. So unless I am mistaken, the boots are the wrong size. or they just do't fit the shape of your feet.

(said in my best house voice)

Paola said…
I really like your mom.
The Coffee Lady said…
Two squares? Lightweight.
RW said…
I too, feel a bit behind the 8 ball - right now. We are slowly figuring out the coordinating of all our back to school activities/ routines.

My work too, is completely crazy busy.

But, life is good.
Grandma Cebe said…
Some of the women where I live need to be schooled with of your fashion sense. I see flip flops, sandals and open toe shoes all winter long...even when there's 6" of snow on the ground. I am always baffled at this since I live in the snowy, cold Rocky Mountains. It's not like snow and cold are unexpected.
Anonymous said…
Duly noted on the chocolates. You need to move to Wisconsin where it's a suffering 60 degrees every day and nothing linen is in sight. I am mourning summer.
I think it's swell that you have a mom with such candor.
Anonymous said…
Your mom is funny. I think the weather here has turned too, but since I got a lovely pedicure yesterday, I decided to show off my shiny chocolate-colored (not covered) toenails in a pair of chunky Miz Mooz sandals today. Probably the last time I can get away with wearing them, though. Sad.

It sounds like you need to go shoe shopping. Something transitional. In gray, maybe?

Kassianni said…
your mom sounds like a riot! I like her already! :D

oh, and I love dark chocolate. my kids don't, so this keeps it in my cupboards longer. I buy lindt 70% most of the time, which they claim is salty. I'll have to give this one a try.
Caterina said…
Two squares at a time

That could be a good motto for a lot of things :)

Sadly, I will never really know what it's like for weather to turn. Years and years of hot and I'm still whining :P
Elan Morgan said…
Ooh, that's the chocolate we've been eating lately, and I love it. I manage to make one square roll around in my mouth for quite some time.
Lover Lady said…
Moms. Gotta love them for their frankness.
Unknown said…
Ginger Chicken sounds delish! Do you have a recipe you're willing to share? I'm always on the lookout for yummy new suggestions!

Sorry about the boot blisters. My feet just finally healed from the various blisters I inflicted on them from new Nine West peeptoe wedges and bamboo insole flip-flops.

I'm already lusting after several pairs of boots for fall & winter. Alas, I do not have the budget for any until I am once again gainfully employed. *sob* It's a cruel, cruel world...