five lists of five*

Five Things At Work
  • My lunch pals. Varied in age/experience/lunch preference, I am thrilled by their company each day.
  • Knowing what I need to know. I rarely make mistakes these days and have learned when people are manipulating me.
  • I never have to work late. Sure, I check my emails late into the night, but my boss sends me home and is all about "family first."
  • The perfect commute. A long enough train ride to do the puzzle, a bracingly long walk from the train to the office.
  • The cafĂ© downstairs. I don't need to explain, do I?
Five Things At Home
  • Middle is done with his shoot! Which was taking place in my home! We've been overtaken by props and lighting and now we are done!
  • I made the right decisions for our window boxes. Although they have no flowers, they are leafy and green and wonderful.
  • We sleep with the windows open and light blankets.
  • K stained the hallway floor and it looks wonderful. And it only took four days to dry completely.
  • The Irish Neighbors are coming for wine and cheese on Sunday!
Five Words I Love
  • Pickle
  • Quagmire
  • Aberration
  • Aesthetic
  • Doldrums
Accessories You Should Own
  • A narrow brown belt
  • A pair of black stiletto heels
  • Champagne glasses
  • Retro-looking sunglasses
  • Chopsticks
Nice Things To Do For Someone Else
  • Bake something. Brownies are always welcome. Without nuts, just in case.
  • Write a sweet note. Everyone is emailing. Write something on paper.
  • Watch the show he wants to watch. You don't always have to have the remote.
  • Ask for the recipe and mean it.
  • Be kind to their children - even if you have no patience for little ones.

* Thank you Schmutzie.


Paola said…
That's the only way I eat brownies.
Anonymous said…
bb, after yesterday's emailing, I had a dream last night about your boots and your blisters! That I was trying them on and that they were giving me ankle blisters too! In the dream, the salesperson told me that the way she treats her blisters is to get emergency spa treatments on them for only $68.00!

Love dreams. Hope thicker socks are helping.

Caterina said…
I always, ALWAYS let him have the remote. It may seem like a sacrifice, but honestly I don't care much for TV.

"Write a sweet note." --- I did this yesterday!!!! In cursive, black ink, plain white stock.

There are things on here that, I believe, people wish for forever. Such as the "family first" boss (lucky you!). And the lunch pals (I eat lunch alone). Sleeping with windows open and light blankets *sigh* that's just heaven!
Elan Morgan said…
What a lovely nod, my fellow list-lover.

I also like quagmire.
Duyvken said…
Anonymous said…
1. I love the word plethora. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to use it.
B. When we were on vacation in Wyoming and Montana earlier this year, I sent postcards from each place to #2 Son. He emailed back how happy he was to get a piece of personalized written mail. You are right about how important the hand-written word can be.